Every possible marketing method in one thread! This is all you'll need...

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    Was just rummaging through some old ebooks n found this lil nugget of gold n though i shd share. Awesome for some brainstorming when you are looking to make some affiliate sales or your own product sales.

    My best Marketing ways

    1. Write and submit articles and press releases to the article directories.
    2. Leave comments on other people blogs with a backlink to your site.
    3. Answer people questions on http://www.answers.yahoo.com.
    4. Post in forums and have a link to your site in your signature.
    5. Submit your sites and products to wikki sites.
    6. Advertise your site on free pixel sites.
    7. Give an unbiased testimonial on a product/service that you have used in exchange for a backlink to your site.
    8. Start a blog and submit it to the 100s of free blog directories.
    9. Manually submit your website to the major search engines.
    10. Optimize each page of your website for a particular keyword or search phrase.
    11. Add a link in your email signature to your website. Its a free and easy way to get a little more traffic.
    12. Make a custom 404 error page for your website redirecting people to your home page.
    13. Submit to picture posts and hot or not sites with your URLs on the pictures.
    14. Add a Bookmark this site link to your webpages.
    15. Have a tell-a-friend form on your site.
    16. Send articles to ezine publishers that includes a link to your website.
    17. Make a stamp with your domain, and stamp it on everything
    18. Give away a freebie (ebook, report, e-course) to keep people coming back to your site.
    19. Add an RSS feed to your blog.
    20. Submit your site to any related niche directories on the net.
    21. Participate in a banner or link exchange program.
    22. Create a software program and give it away for free.
    23. Purchase the misspellings or variations of your domain name, or those of your competitors.
    24. Buy a domain name related to your niche that is already receiving traffic and forward it to your site. (expired domains)
    25. Pass out business cards with your domain on them everywhere you go.
    26. Print your domain on your shirt.
    27. Start a page on social bookmarking sites such as http://www.MySpace.com.
    28. Submit a viral video to http://www.YouTube.com
    29. Conduct and publish surveys to your website.
    30. Find similar sites who want to trade reciprical links. use http://www.linkpagecreator.com to manage your recip links page
    31. Start your own double optin newsletter or ezine.
    32. Use a autoresponder to let everyone who emails you know what your site is.
    33. Post comments in guest books, and putt your site in the homepage box.
    34. Submit porn galleries to tgps.
    35. Sell or place classified ads on http://www.eBay.com with a link to your site.
    36. Post free classified ads on any of the sites that allow them with a link to your site.
    37. Offer a free service, like a free dating site, where you have your advertising banners displayed.
    38. Network with other people at seminars or other live events.
    39. Purchase advertising in popular newsletters or ezines.
    40. Join google groups, where you can submit your urls in messages
    41. Create a free ebook and list in on the Free ebook sites.
    42. Answer forum questions related to products you can sell.
    43. Do something controversial, so you make the news.
    44. Create profiles on dating sites/ bebo / facebook etc with links to your products.
    45. Add your site to http://www.cbtoplist.com and other similer sites
    46. Use a traffic / homepage exchange. http://www.trafficswarm.com
    47. Submit videos to tube sites with your urls embedded on them
    48. Create and giveaway a product with resell or giveaway rights and include a link to your site in it o others pass it around for you.
    49. Create phamplets advertising your products and leave them in bars.
    50. Buy a pair of sandals; get your website engraved on the bottom and walk on the beach, stomp in the mud or play in the snow.
    51.For fast earnings Use PPC Marketing.PPC means pay per click.Like google adwords yahoo ads etc
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    50. Buy a pair of sandals; get your website engraved on the bottom and walk on the beach, stomp in the mud or play in the snow.

    This is method is great :) So YOU'RE the one that dropkicked my snowman last winter in the head! I hope you got frostbite wearing sandles in the snow LOL.
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    oh..that one was yours?!