ever used SERPs instead of KW Tools for article title research?

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    hi everyone, I could really use some help .....

    ok admittedly "I'm a dope" I cannot not after all my
    reading, video watching, and reviewing info, I cannot
    understand how to use KW Tools to do title research. In my case
    for article marketing through directories

    now I know what you're saying to yourself "what an idiot!"
    and you would be spot on correct!! that point is well established!

    That being said, I'm looking for an alternative method

    I understand some use "SERP's" to help them determine
    the answer to finding "keyword phrase article title research"

    can anyone who has done this give me any direction on
    exactly how they do it?

    1.what # of SERPS are considered "too high" (too much competition)
    2. what # of SERPs are considered"too low" (too little competition)

    in other words I'm looking for a "good range"
    and whether you use "quotes" around your searches?

    and look how good you would feel if you helped me out!
    you could say to yourself "I just helped the mentally handicapped"!

    I just helped one of jerry's kids! :jester:

    thank you, I would be greatly appreciative of your help

    Hali~!:) ............. and you know what I have to say "GUCK FOOGLE"
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