Ever Sat In Hell?

LOL Not that much heat.

High-end gaming systems with poor ventilation setup can generate quite a bit. :p

And to answer the original question: Yep, several times a week. It's called a sauna - tho sadly it's hard to push my electric one past 100C/212F.

My family's summer cottage had a brutal sauna that could go up to 125C/257F. Even trying to breath burned your mouth, throat and lungs; it was awesome. :D
Oh yeah, my friends room is under the roof and in summer it is so fucking hot in there! Portable ACs are the only nice solutions for that...
i feel your pain man. this summer got to 105 one day when we're use to 80 tops. was a total nightmare. less than 10% of homes/businesses here have AC :weep:
Oh that was me....I farted in your room

Dont worry the heat (and the smell) will settle soon
Actually, about the PC thing...

I've had two Xbox 360's a PC and a laptop running at the same time in the same room. I was wondering why it was so god damned hot in the room, then I noticed I had that many electronics running.

So I got back to campus from home over the weekend. Grabbed my backpack and some of my girlfriend's stuff and shuttled it to her room. Stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a holiday Gingerbread cake (which is disgusting by the way) and a venti Peppermint Mocha frappuccino, and headed up to my dorm room.

Unlocked my door, pushed it open, and died. The girlfriend's room was 68 degrees (consequently her roommate was still walking around in her underwear), the hallway was around 71, and my room... 97 degrees. Yeah.

How? I don't know. All I know is that maintenance is gone til Tuesday. I have one of those window fans on full blast, and I stole the oscillating fan from the laundry room to use, but still holy shit. My air freshener cones completely melted off the plastic stick (cheap Glade pieces of crap), and my 24-pack of unopened water bottles are all condensated and nasty-looking.

My aluminum bookshelf sitting right under the vent is seriously burning to the touch. And here I am, still marketing. And to believe that I thought I would get some work done. Fuck me...


If You have a vent why dont You just tape a piece of cardboard over it to stop the air flow?
LOL Not that much heat.

The heck you say, I have a Queen loft bed in a 11'X10' room and under it I have my workdesk and Five 650 watt Towers running. Put it this way, in the middle if winter when everyone else is trying to turn up the heat I am running the A/C to be able to sleep.

My room must be at least 20 Deg. hotter then the rest of the house at all times :p But with auto responders and servers.. it's a 24hr deal. I WISH I could shut em off at night.


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