Ever feel like your site doesn't get the recognition it deserves?

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    I'm a full-time college student and put my knowledge to good use by posting truly useful content daily to my site. I spend about 2-3 hours every morning before school researching and writing the content. Everything on my site is free! If I were in someone else's shoes, and I came across my site, and I saw what was on it was free useful content that could truly help me, I would be amazed..because quite frankly..there are not a lot of sites like that!

    I look at my competition, and they have thousands of backlinks and aged domains, but their sites are crap. Sure , they look pretty..but their content does not even compare to mine! And most of their content isn't even free!

    So basically, I almost feel like giving up on my site for numerous reasons:
    A). I'm making $1-$5 daily on my site, but I have no other income=I'm running out of money to pay for gas to drive my butt to classes!
    B.) I don't have the SEO knowledge nor do I have the time to put into SEO. Right now I post to a forum everyday related to my niche, with anchor text in the signature. I have a twitter account with about 700 followers. I have submitted 19 articles to articlebase, submitted sitemap to google webmaster AND I did purchase some backlinks a couple days ago from a member here at BHW. Other than that, no SEO work is being done.

    Some details about my site:
    -The domain name is only 3 month old, and the site is almost 5 months old, so it is fairly new.
    -The ads pay good $/click, so there's good opportunity for money if I can just get the traffic!
    -The site has a very professional template. The grammar is perfect, the format is neat, etc.
    -I don't sell anything. The information I give is for free. The demand for my information is HIGH, but you're not going to find me for the necessary keywords in the search engine.

    I've even considered just grabbing a business partner who specializes in SEO and say "Drive traffic, i'll supply useful content and we'll split ad revenue 50/50." But If I was in an SEO experts shoes I would probably say "screw that, I can make my own site and make 100% of ad revenue."

    So...The purpose of this thread is to get some suggestions from successful webmasters.
    Should I give up?
    What am I doing wrong?
    What am I doing right?

    I also wrote this just to vent some frustration. When You put so much work into something, and get little to nothing in return..it sucks..a lot!

    I know there's tons of people with the mentality of "i'm not giving my secret away...I had to figure it out on my own, now you have too." etc.
    No intentions on offending anyone, that's just how some people are. If you do have great knowledge in SEO and would like to be a business partner or w/e or just help and give any suggestions...any help...any useful tips, comments, suggestions and it will be GREATLY appreciated by me.

    Thanks for reading.