Events Calendar Wordpress Plugin Bad for SEO?

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    Hey Everyone,

    I am doing a website audit (using opensiteexplorer) and found that when a calendar of summer events (that seems to be created more for show rather than adding any true value) was made a while back using Events Calendar for Wordpress. Around 1000 different pages were created for each individual event. The pages all have pretty awful urls such as ai1ec_event/43rd-annual-royal-german-festl/43rd-annual-royal-german-festl?instance_id=368. It also shows that there are a lot of duplicate page titles and some duplicate content. However, these pages have low page authority and aren't directly related to the services provided.

    In you experience do you think these pages will have a big enough negative effect on rankings that they should all be manually changed, deleted, or just left as they are? Any advice with something like this would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    I don't see why they would hurt the site from ranking. If your client does not want the pages indexed you could always exclude them from search using the robots file. Keep in mind that sites aren't penalized directly for having duplicate content. The issue is that if there is a page that needs to be indexed and there is another one that is a duplicate of it, there is a chance that Google will not include one or both in the index because it doesn't know which one to choose.

    If they need the calendar just leave it.


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