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    looking for branding links for a womens shoe designer.

    links have to be d0follow and blogs have to be real, old and with decent traffic.
    don't really care about the SEO metrics of the blogs but it's needless to say I won't buy anchor spam.

    payment will be made in the form of shoes, which will then have to be photographed and posted on said blog.
    you can write your own stuff but I would like to see a copy of the article before you post it... or I can write it for you...
    each pair is valued between 30 and 100euros (retail) but that doesn't mean your crappy blog will get you at least 30euros for a link.
    each pair will be sent with all taxes and shipping paid by me.

    skype me at lee.trojan

    add your BHW user profile link in the contact request.
    people without it will be ignored.
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    You will be shipping women shoes? If you can ship men shoe then can think about it, let me know.