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.eu domain name renewal and quarantine period

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by mockba, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. mockba

    mockba Junior Member

    Nov 15, 2008
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    The Dark Side
    i've never dealt with .eu domains before and this was my first renewal year.
    i missed my exact renewal date by 3 days and did not realize there is no grace period for .eu domains (or that's what godaddy tells me).

    I searched around and found out they get put into "quarantine" for 40 days for you to renew. according to several sites, the renewal fee is 20 euros, which is a little more than $30...however, gaydaddy wants $80 per domain.

    is there any way around this if i am not pressed for time (they were parked for future development)? doing a back order?