Etsy advice for permanently disabled account

$3k is a lot of money for my friend. He can't withdraw anything. He sells physical goods that are handmade. He can't lose few thousand dollars each time Etsy decides to close his account for no reason.

He doesn't do anything stealthy, nothing illegal, no fake reviews. He just runs a real handmade goods store and Etsy closed his account for no reason.
This is crazy... Wtf Etsy... I withdrawn since first sale I made and they sent me the money. If they wouldn't I'd close the account. If I were him I'd try different platform or selling from his own website.
Keep in mind that Etsy is in the business to make money from transations. They generally don't shut down accounts without a reason. I've heard ppl say there are exceptions, but most of the time, there's a valid reason. Your friend was selling handmade products made in another country. Was he reporting they were being made elsewhere? Was he on time for his shipments? Are there others selling the same items to where they'd think there is an IP issue? Just a few questions that come to mind.

Glad he got the majority of his money...
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