Ethernet splitter sharing internet?


Jul 31, 2010
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I have to split my internet connection using ethernet splitter for using my bots.

Here how it goes:

Modem>>splitter>>My 2 pc

My bots dont work on router for disconnect and reconnect for getting a new ip.

I guess static wont work on this?But on dynamic it will work?I have dynamic ip (DSL) anyway.

I hope guys help me understanding this.Thank you
you need a dynamic connection to have each computer having each own ip/connection. If you disconnect on 1 pc, all bots will stop working on different pcs, which I guess you dont want to happen. Unless your bots are communicating on lan to a server which controls the connect/disconnect process, which I doubt they are unless theyre custom coded.
Never mind all of that how are you going to get a new ip address from the cable modem/dsl. If you give the cable modem a new mac address that isn't in the routing tables they will drop your connection at the switch. I used to do a lot of work with cable modems and firmware (just too much work) and your guard was the switch and the routing tables that push down the firmware to the cable modem that have smtp traps with it to ensure its correct. And you have hash encryption to boot to crack.

Sorry, I know that was a lot but I'm a hardware guy and its my job to consider how to get around such things.
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