Established Firm looking for Designer "Supplier"- Only Excellent Portfolio

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    We own a SEO firm locally, and we are planning to provide addition design services.

    The thing is, we do not have any previous work to show to our clients.

    If you are a design company/freelancer, you may want to consider giving us permission to use your portfolio on our website.

    You will be accepted as our supplier.

    Conditions are:
    - Do not ask for our firm name. We want to be the middleman between our clients and you.
    - Supplier price.
    - Quality of your work, and asking price matches- If your work are not of high quality, you shouldn't ask for an expensive service.
    - Only up to 50% upfront payment for initiation of any design project.
    - State timeline for completion of work and honor it. (Our clients will not tolerate any late submission.)

    If you are able to accept the conditions, I promise that our partnership will become a smooth one. I will keep up my orders with you in mass scale.