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Jun 24, 2009
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Hi folks!

I'm from the EU and want to start an replica online shop.

Due to the fact that it's forbidden to sell replicas in my country, I want to establish an offshore company and put my online shop on offshore hosting.
The replicas will be dropshipped from another country in the EU to my customers.

All this is really new to me, so I need some help and suggestions from people who're experienced with this kind of stuff.

  • What are recommended countries for my project?
  • D'you know services (websites) who help you establish the company, bank account, etc. in this country.
  • Is it recommended to have a bank account in this country, or should I have it elsewhere?
  • Are there any other important things I have to consider when doing a business like this?
Hope you guys can help me! :cool:
Well I know you need a high risk merchant account. Search on google there are many but I have yet to find one without complaints but most complaints are just from jerks who didnt get there way!
I thought about electronics and watches.
Maybe clothes if I find a dropshipper with good prices.
Really no one here who has experience with starting an offshore business?

Can't believe it... :cool:
this would be an interesting thread, wish there was more info

have you tried google yet?
You will need a high risk merchant account or 3rd party processor first of all. GSPAY is a good one. They allow a api interface I think it's called so that no one will know what company you are using to process orders. Also, if you are trying to set up an offshore LLC you might want to look at setting it up in Panama. They have bank confidentiality laws. They are very good about privacy. Hope this helps. :cool:
You have many options, and I think that is why people are less apt to tell you a complete answer.

1. You have many countries to choose from. Depending on the time of year, and whats popular some countries get more attention than others. Panama has become popular over the years, especially with those wanting offshore gambling sites. Costa Rica, and other South American Countries are good. I would stay away from Romania and Nigeria. Unfortunately, it has gotten the tarnished image of "fraud capital"

2. You can have the bank account in the same country or different. the three main things you want to research is accessibility, privacy, and costs. Sure its glamorous to have a swiss bank account, but typically you need a few thousand dollars to open it. In smaller "3rd world countries" for example it may require far less of a deposit. Also, make sure your information is private. The more laws in effect in that country that will protect your identity and privacy even if the USA starts knocking typically have the higher prices, but im sure you would agree its worth it. Also, consider a country with a decent economy. If civil unrest occurs you dont want your money tied up where you cant get it. Make sure you know how to Liquidate and how quickly you can do so!

3. There are services that will help you with this, but its mad pricey. If you want to alleviate the headache, pay them. I have been thinking about setting up a company that offers setting up services like these for my customers for a more affordable rate.

4. Since you are selling replicas, if you truly want to cover your ASSets (pun intended), get an offshore merchant account, offshore hosting, offshore bank account, offshore business entity. STAY COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM YOUR BUSINESS! Hope this helps. im open to further questions.
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