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Essential PPC thoughts of a "Master" in theorie but a noob in practice

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by killahbee, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. killahbee

    killahbee Regular Member

    Oct 23, 2008
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    Hi guys,

    to start out I'd like to say I'm a noob at PPC practically but read about it and made some thoughts. There more I read the more questions I have though. In the following you will find some essential ones.

    I lost like 80 on PPC on a campaign I did everything wrong with there is to do wrong. That was at the beginning and now I'm a lot smarter and want /have to give it another try. This forum has been to kind to me with great feedback and tipps and hints in the past and you would give some back if I'd be in the state to do it. But I don't like reposting methods just to get a high reputation on here.

    Hopefully some thoughts I wrote down help some people. Thanks are always appreciated and will be given back for good feedback or opinions.

    Direct linking vs. Landing page

    This one of my real big question marks???

    Direct Linking
    On the one hand having your landing page is good you can control your quality score and improve it to fit your targeted keywords. Also you capture the contact information and build a list so if you don't get the conversion you might get the contact info and e-mail address and every body knows or says the power lies within the list. Also if the landing page of your CPA isn't that good (looks like scam or so) you can presell the product with a much more conservative view of things. Also you have this different methods to use. Like a poll or review page or place adds with ... scam don't buy until your read this or all the different methods there are out there. Another great reason to me is being able to balnk your referer hide your converting keyword etc., because it seems like every CPA will steal your campaign as soon as it gets profitable and it's your job to protect that. Is it possible to hide your keywords with adwords somehow allthough you direct link to your CPA's landing page?

    Putting a landing page between you an the CPA offer

    On the other hand in my opinion even if your the shit in building landing pages and sales letters or whatever it is you do, it is almost certain that you lose people by having them to klick one more time to get onto the sales page. Therefore you naturally must have a higher cost per conversion assuming your not the guy that can convince people by your landing page design or with your words to turn off their mind and just rush through the sales page of your CPA and buy the damn thing. Another point in my eyes is you don't have to split test your own landing pages so therefore you save time and money in the process of turning your campaign into a profitable one.

    My conclusion: I'm going to try both because I'm I don't know what works best. I know the theoretics of how to get people to buy (AIDA formula like stuff, etc.) but I have no practical experience. Also my web design skills are limited.

    Low paying product vs. high paying product:

    Naturally I would say everybody has to deal with having to pay higher click prices for that high paying product. Probably some out side the box thinkers, PPC experts don't and get their conversions anyway. So this is an advantage to get a better ROI and speeks for the low paying product. Or is it just a thing of niches? Is it redundant? If you pay the 20 cents for a good keyword on the 2 Dollar e-mail submit or the product that costs the customer 2 dollars? Or you pay 2 bucks on your good buying keyword for the 20 dollar payout.

    I believe there is a lot of truth to quote that it's easier selling one guy that 200 dollar product than seeling 200 guys that 1 dollar product.
    But also it's a lot harder to get someone to put in their credit card information than their conatact address.

    Also a quote I have in mind from someone who seemed to know what he is talking about who said don't start ppy under 20-30 pay out.

    My conclusion: I'm going to aim for a high paying product assuming people want to buy because of their keywords. Also in my opinion it puts a lot less pressure on my campaign having to convert a a lot faster to get that ROI.

    Doing your own keyword research from scratch vs. getting some paid tool to spy keywords of competitors.

    Doing your own keyword research from scratch

    Doing the keyword research by yourself in my opinion inspires out ofthe box thinking. A lot of the great minds of our time were very succesfull in just doing things different or thinking different ways. My thesis: A noob never having to do PPC could come up with golden keywords just by not having these strict methods or boundaries some IM's have in their might through doing this for years and probably even have prove successfull.
    You no what I mean talking about that "Do you want to look like Brad Pitt kinda stuff" where Brad Pitt is your cheap keyword and you have your acai offer to it. Probably the noob is more fixed on the rules there are than the experienced marketer who knows what works but is always trying to evolve.

    Spying keywords from others
    Man don't have to say a lot about the advantages here. Keywords are a or the keyfactor to your campaign. Sure to be succesfull there more to a campaign then keywords but there are old and proven campaigns out there with probably years of split testing and optimizing. If you just get a tenth of that optimization you could be forced to become succesfull

    My conclusion: I'l definetly get a keyword spy tool to see how other people are doing it who have been succesfull in this game for some time and probably for good reason. Know those tools aren't exact though. But I'll always keep in mind that the people who tested out side the boy methods and keywords on PPC a little are those who hit that golden method and/or keyword ehich made smarter and richer :).

    Starting out with ad****s vs. other PPC company

    Ad****s has the reputation to convert like crazy also they probably have the most advanced tools to offer in their network. There are numerous ways you can optimize your campaigns. You can split test everything which is worth pure gold if you are willing to lose mones until you get significant test results (Not saying you can't do that on other PPC companies too but google is advanced). They don't lead the PPC market without a reason right?

    other PPC
    Because of ad*****s being one of the leaders in the market and everybody knowing about that the competition is definitely there. Therefore the price you pay for your keywords is probably higher than elsewhere. Who says other PPC networks have lower converting traffic. Not talking about yah** or **center. Talking about things like 7search. Where you yould probably get your conversions at a lower rate.

    My conclusion: Going to try a lot here too and look into a lot of different ones but won't get around the BIG G and probably will sart out with them, too. Even if it's not smart.

    Placement targeted adds vs. keyword targeted adds

    I'll go with keyword targeted but I have no effing idea. Would love some feedback about that subject.

    First of all thank you for reading through this post. I know it's long and actually these are just a few things I'm asking myself. Also I know a lot of my questions or thoughts can be answered with the phrase SPLIT TEST IT MAN and IT DEPENDS ON THE MARKET YOUR IN or THERE IS NO NON PLUS ULTRA APPROACH. But basically I think this is only half of the truth and I just want your opinion on things.

    Also I'll make an effort to thank everyone who gives me feedback and if it's just on one of the topics. No thanks to flamers though.

    Looking forward to your opinion even if you say that sentence is really dumb and you are too because ...

    Thanks a lot guys
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  2. dimoxxx

    dimoxxx Newbie

    Feb 28, 2009
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    Try semrush, keyword spy competitor. Example: http://www.semrush.com/info/amazon.com&ref=500101410
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