Error 508. Resource Limit Is Reached on Namecheap account

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by lucabrasi, Jun 29, 2012.

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    I use namecheap as a registrar and a host. I have 2 parked domains and 3 WP Robot blogs on it. I have WPRobot set up to look for 3 posts a day for each blog (9 total posts). It also uses Wassup to tell me what my traffic is. Other than that it has the normal plug ins. WT cache, ultimate seo, link juice keeper, etc.
    I keep getting these resource limit is reached all of a sudden. I only get about 2000 visitors a day, the average page visits is about 3.67. That isn't for each, that is about the total for all of them.
    Is Namecheap stingy with resources or should I just upgrade to another package. Should I stay with Namecheap or move to another service. I have only used namecheap and justhost for hosting so I don't know how to accurately rate their customer service. It seems slow and less than knowledgeable to me, but I cannot make that comparison based on my limited experience.
    I am using Ultimate Demon for linkbuilding and am seeing many long tailed keywords moving up in SERPs so I expect to see more traffic in the next couple of months. I use Market Samurai to keep an eye on my SERP positions. (Those are Yahoo and Bing positions, Google doesn't even show me.)

    How do I balance my need for cheap hosting with my need for more resources. I am happy to eat Top Ramen for awhile if that is what the distinguished members here think should be done.

    Thank you for your consideration.