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    O.k here is the deal. I am going to be purchasing an EPN this Friday and I am looking for someone who is experienced at stuffing to J.V with. I looking for someone who is dedicated and wants to work long term.

    -I will purchase 2 EPN's per month
    -I will provide daily screenshots
    - The split will be 50/50
    - I make make payment as soon as Egay releases the money to PP
    - I provide accounts, partner does whatever else needs to be done
    - First 2 accounts between $200-300 per day every other account $100 per day. I will explain why via PM.
    - If partner provides CS script the split will be 40/60. If I provide script slit remains 50/50

    I only want to work with someone who is experienced at stuffing EPN, and not anyone looking to experiment. I am trustworthy, and I am also a true business person. So I am looking for the same. Please either PM me or post here for further details.

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