EPN Accounts!!


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Oct 22, 2008
If you are selling EPN accounts or know anywhere I can buy one for a darn good price let me know either through this thread or shoot me a PM. Thanx.
hey i have one not even activated for 120.00, let me know i fyou are interested. I can also activate for you.

1. Set up an ebay blog.
2. Install analytics
3. Buy some junk traffic to it.
4. Register with EPN saying your gonna use banners on your blog to advertise.

^ It is definitely not that easy anymore. You have to have to enter a PayPal account before they review your application. Then you have to hope that you got enough junk traffic for them to think it is even worthwhile. I had a blog w/ an alexa of 500,000+ that didn't get approved. Their system seems totally arbitrary.
sendlerad I tried to click your sig, but it wont let me go there, please pm me for more info
Is this kinda thing allowed? Anyway, $120 each or 5 for $500. Fresh, cookies and flash cleared, rotated ip, etc. As good as an epn account gets really.

pm me :)
Ok I'm stupid and I admit it. What is and EPN account and why is it so good?

It is the eccentric party night. It is a crazy place where people get together and have a furry party. It is a little eccentric, but a real party. I'm a big fan of how they pay out...
looking for EPN accounts, Aged USA.

also aged USA eBay accounts.

PM me if you have either :)

can do PayPal, ePass
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