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Apr 22, 2010
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Keith Baxter and friends are launching
Epic Traffic Systems.

Earn Huge 1st Tier Commissions Of $1,000/sale, PLUS an Additional $200/sale for Every 2nd Tier Sale You Make For Promoting the EPIC Internet Marketing Event of 2010 - The June 15th Launch of?
Read Every Word on This Page to Get All the Info On this Epic Launch Event?
- Including the Most Epic Affiliate Incentive Program Ever Offered -
How Does a 5nt, $300,000 Private, All Inclusive, Tropical Island Fun/Networking Adventure w/Round Trip Air Fare for the
Top 10 Affiliates Sound? And That?s Just the Tip of the Iceberg!
Pre-Launch Kicks Off On Friday, June 4th 2010?So Take Your First Step Today and Signup for Approval to Our Affiliate Program Below. We look forward to seeing you here (see pic below) at
Richard Branson?s Necker Island?
2 Tier Commission Program
1st Tier commissions: $1000.00/sale
2nd Tier commissions: $200.00/sale
Launch Dates?
Pre-Launch Page Goes Live: Friday, June 4th at 12pm EST
Order Link Goes Live: Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 12pm EST
>>>>> The EPIC Affiliate Incentive Program <<<<<
The Epic Affiliate Incentive Program gives you 4 ways to win!
1st ? Pre-Launch Cash and Prizes ? During the pre-launch there will be cash and prizes awarded to those who make the greatest effort to help spread the word through actions such as opting in, tweeting, posting to Facebook, blog commenting, subscribing to our Youtube channel, etc. Everyone has a chance to win, and win big! These prizes will be announced in the coming days.
2nd ? The Top 10 Affiliates ? (Based on Points Earned) ? Hold on to your hats for this one folks, because it just doesn?t get any more EPIC than this! Each of the top 10 affiliates who meet a min. qualifier of just 500 points will join Keith, Jon, Joey and Don on an amazing 5 night, all-inclusive tropical adventure to the private island paradise of Necker Island. We have made arrangements to have the entire island to ourselves for the biggest, baddest, sun drenched party ever?and with a little luck, we may have the opportunity to hang for a while with Richard Branson himself! You can bring a guest and we?re also picking up the tab for airfare to get you there and back.
3rd ? Epic Tiered Bonus Prizes ? (Based on Points Earned) ? What you win entirely depends on how many points you earn during the Epic Traffic System launch period, and as you can see by browsing through the list of prizes?we?re not playing around!
4th ? The #1 ?Most Epic Marketer On The Planet? Grand Prize Winner ? (Based on Points Earned) -He who hath the most points winneth!
These prizes are unique, truly amazing, and worth mega bucks! The top prize alone, when you add everything up?.is worth around a QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS! Somebody will hit the 10,000 point level. Will it be you?
Prizes will be calculated and based on a Points System:
Points Earned :
1 x Tier 1 Sale = 10 Points
1 x Tier 2 Sale = 1 Point
Pre-Launch Actions:
There will be a leaderboard you can follow? updated on a daily basis.
Important: Final point results will be based on net sales produced, less any refunds and chargebacks, and will be awarded after all refund period expirations and payment due dates for multi-pay customers are reached.
I put it inside the members area, but also here is the JV

Is that an affiliate link 1user, are youe reviewing this product, promoting it or offering it?
This has been around for awhile. The internet is full of this. Good luck trying to make money with this. Truthfully now, this looks so much like am MLM scam. No offense guys but that's the way I see it.

Buy hey if you can make money with it good for you!:eek:
I had signed up thru the blogense guys and I got this email today:

If you know just "2" people who would be interested in
getting a lot of traffic to their websites and who can afford
the $2k price tag, then this is what you will get by referring

1. $2000 commission directly from the Epic folks.

2. $100 worth S4i In-Ear Headset with Mic and 3-Button Remote
directly from the Epic folks.

3. $2000 worth Epic Traffic Systems access for yourself
directly from the Epic folks.

4. 1 year VIP hosting plan worth $480 from us.

5. Bonus download access worth at least $1000 from us.

That is a total of over $5500 worth in real value.

Plus, you can also give access to the bonus downloads to your 2
clients. Plus, you get our full support and help throughout the
launch. And if you get more clients, there's more for you.

PS: If you make 10 sales check what you will get at:


I think I can try to get at least 2 sales if not 10!
that link... goes to this link.. so in other words. its an affiliate link.


seriously. i agree with the other guy. good luck with promoting this.
Well I entered into the give-away contest Epic had and won a copy. The 15 winners are just waiting now to get access to the system after they are done with the initial launch which started yesterday.

I will keep you all posted on this system as I do plan on promoting it and posting reviews of each 3 systems offered in the course.
If you get a copy why not just share it for free =)
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