[EPIC STRUGGLE] Got Trapped with My OWN CPA offer (content unlocker)

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    Hey there,

    I share my story in lounge because i know that some of you are going to lol a lot !

    I have this CPA network to monetize a free offer i make. This CPA network allows content unlocker from many countries such as my location France :)

    As half of my traffic is french, it is a very important matter to me.

    In order to be sure that my content unlocker was working, i took the first offer

    Win A great Phone !! --> Great it is popular

    The purpose was to fill some personal information (many) so i told my self

    I refreshed the locker , nothing .....

    Then, i noticed that i had to submit a SMS at 0.50€ (0.80$ i guess) ---> trapped

    Then i received a sms telling me the quizz was about to start.

    My thought :

    5 SMS and still my content remains locked. My tiny brain started making some tricks.

    SMS 10 : "You're almost there ! Well Done Keep on"

    SMS 19 "Great you're so closed"

    SMS 35 : "Almost almost be brave"

    SMS 50 : --> EPIC RAGE, FELT SCAMMED AND USELESS, CONTENT STILL LOCKED, the customer had better to buy a paid version of my service ...

    Conclusion : 50 SMS at 0.50€ ---> 25€ (almost 40$)

    I wrote to the add company telling it isn't legit to not display the number of SMS required (they didn't).

    They answered each SMS is a ticket 100 tickets max ! LOL

    But my content was still locked omfg !

    The point of this thread is : "Who is fucking stupid enough to be catched by a stupid offer and keep having the hope to win this damn phone, i already have ... "
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    I didn't understand a WOrd of what you said - But I still had a Laugh...LOL :)
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    hahaha cant believe you actually went ahead with all those texts

    epic fail!