Environment niche or Health niche - help a fresh Environmental Science graduate

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    Hello everyone,

    The reason why I created this post is to ask the opinion of the active Internet Marketers regarding a very important step in my career/life. Should I go with Env. niche or continue my Fashion niche.

    I have a decent website in the Fashion niche making me some money. I am doing SEO on keywords with low competition and I see a huge potential in the fashion niche. I advertise with Google Adsense.

    Since I am an Environmental freak, I dream big and I am willing to put a lot of effort into raising awareness about env. problems. And I need to increase my income so I can invest into the Env. idea more and more.

    The issue is this:

    I did some Google Keyword Planner research to see how many people look for environmental issues/other stuff on Google. And I was very disappointed. People don't really search for environmental related issues that much comparing to the Fashion niche where there are so many keywords with high search volumes.

    If I start an Environmental website and write about what I love...go green, do this, do that, etc I am afraid that by doing SEO, Google will not bring me enough visitors to make my Environmental idea viral.

    If I continue my Fashion niche website (expand it, or create another website) I am sure by doing SEO i will grow bigger and faster and make more money. And on top of that monetizing a fashion niche I find it so much easier then Environmental niche where there is nothing to sell or even google adsense potential....

    So far I am on the Fashion niche path because I already exploring it and making money out of it.

    But my heart keeps pushing me to start this Environmental website. Maybe I should go with the idea of...fuck SEO and focus on social media. I am not very much into facebook and stuff but I am willing to try it.


    What would you do in my situation. I have this big Environmental idea that I want to promote "GO GREEN". To make it viral, I need to invest a lot of money and I don't have as much as I want.

    Do you think I underestimate the Environmental niche? Should I go for it?

    Should I ignore SEO and provide quality content and focus more on social media to build my community?

    Should I stick with the Fashion niche because it already makes me money and it grows quite fast?

    How would you monetize an environmental niche?

    Please help!

    And one more thing: We are living in a brain washed society, fucked up and full of disgusting pigs (males and females) that all they know is CONSUMPTION. I want to be part of the change..so I need your help...Hopefully, because of you I can take the right decision. Thanks
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    In my opinion, you could continue developing your fashion niche website, and build your Enviromental website at the same time. If there's not enough volume search to drive traffic, you can try promote your blog with social media and other methods.
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    Yes use your fashion website to fincance your environemental blog...; when it will be ready, try to do some "green fashion" article... so you will later be able to promote your environemental blog
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