Enjoying Self Quarantine, What about you..?

This has been my way of life for past couple of years, so other then doing more shopping then usual when going to the market, no difference at all.
I work from home, so i'm just chilling doing the same thing ive been doing for the past 2 years. My website is hurting a little tho :/
I don't enjoy that there is a deadly virus spreading throughout the world, but God I love the fact that I'm not allowed to leave the house without a proper reason. I'm not the weird one anymore, haha.
Self quarantine sucks because I can't hit the gym and I didn't buy me some dumbbells before pretty much every store closed down.
You don't need the gym or dumb bells for a workout. Your body is a weight on its own which can give you plenty of lifting to do for all the muscles in your body. Google how to use own body for fitness. Or checkout training program by Shaun T called "Hiphop abs"
I was already in quarantine since last many years. So difference here. Life is as usual. Just that I find more people at my home and surroundings.
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