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Enhancd Securities of Bing Ads Upto 2015

Discussion in 'Yahoo & MSN' started by TricksSeller, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. TricksSeller

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    Sep 3, 2015
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    Hello Everybody,

    As you are here, of-course you are Bing Ads lover/ Want to go with Bing ads. Yes, bing is really cool for cheap & reliable traffic. Bing has already gained a lot of popularity last 2/3 years. And spammers has already earned a vast income from it. But there are also some good clients who are selling their own services on bing as legal. Bu there are several problems that are really critical.

    - Bing Does not support All the Countries to be Advertiser

    - It does not support all the cards: Like Prepaid cards are fully denied by Bing Ads. So, you must have a debit/ credit card even if you want to add coupons on your account.

    - Bing has already setup auto-spam bans. Some days ago I have tries to work with a Keyword that is already Black-listed on Bing. My account was active & I have already got some clicks with other keywords on Health Niche. Once I have just searched on Bing as "Garconia Cambogia" and Clicks add some keywords, it logged out from the account & it's banned.

    - Dont Leave your Bing ads account: If you are thinking to leave your bing ads accounts without adding payment method for future using. You are doing wrong. They will disable your account/ they will disable your accounts payment option. So, if you open your account after a few days, it will show you just a error. lol

    - If you are haivng a problem with your account, IP, VPN etc. Don't worry about it. Just become an Agency with Bing ads. Then add yourself from your Agency account. So, your Agency account will never be banned. If you are spamming with your invited account, it usually does not affect your primary Agency account. People are doing this..now!

    - I have heard of people not getting clicks for some accounts. You should learn about your PC time zone, and your selected time-zone of Bing! It plays a great role on clicks, I suspect! I have also got some points that can bring your account clicks without any tension.

    - Try to be Real Person: Dont use coupon first time. be real. You can still get upto 1000$ Bing ad credit as post-paid Threshold that can be got by spending 150$/200$ on Bing! SECRET!

    - Some Guys are using Amazon Azure VPS & getting banned daily. Why dont they try to understant, the VPS of Azure got the IP address that is given by Microsoft? Well. You must use a Private Proxy that is anonymous on Bing on Your VPS!

    - Bing Threshold Game: There are some Big Fishes who are not doing Coupons Method with Bing. Remember, Bing has 2500$ as threshold step by step. Yes, of-course there is something tricky that can be more profitable & more secure on Bing. But Fresh & Smart guys needed to move with this big Threshold Game!

    Mind it: Bing is Getting More & More Smart every day. So, you must be updated every day, you must learn/ try to learn something new about bing ads if you want to survive with Bing ads Bing+Coupon method.

    Sorry, the post has already gone too long. I have some other updates, I will post it soon...
    Ask your Questions/ post comment Below!
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  2. DemmyCool

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    Apr 13, 2014
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    Good Post and some useful info here...from a totally newbie? Are you sure you are not an old man previously banned?
  3. delpech21flr

    delpech21flr Newbie

    Mar 23, 2011
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    Interesting points. What I am more interested to learn is the 2500$ Threshold Ad Credit Method. Does anyone know?
  4. miharbi

    miharbi Newbie

    Feb 27, 2016
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