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Jan 27, 2009
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Could you send samples and discount please?

Thanks a lot!


Jan 20, 2013
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Hi @Ar5iana, Samples were sent via PM, check it out and let us know your thoughts.
Detail samples

Hi @Jerry Pope, thanks for your interest. Samples were sent via PM, check it out.

Interested, Want to try this

Hi @Ye Hye Sooki, Discount coupons were sent via PM, check it out and let us know.

Any discounts available?

Hi @t1ger, Samples were sent via PM, check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Could you send samples and discount please?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Iris Wood, Samples sent via PM, waiting for your thoughts.

Samples for testing. PM


Jan 20, 2013
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Hi @Rolf Badman, @Jasper Floyd5, @Pak Chuwont, @Kum Jungete Samples and discount code sent via PM, check it out and let us know your thoughts.!
Hey, Count me in pls

Want to try this thanks

Interested, Send me coupon code

Send me review samples, if possible

Hi @Ferdiansyah Ivangkia, Right now we don't have any review copies, will update you if any in the future.!
Do you have review copy

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Jan 20, 2013
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Got the report delivered, very happy with the service, will order again! Cheers :)

Review time (I will be straight and honest as I always am):

First, the content. It was handwritten indeed and little over 500 words, strict to the subject. I must say I liked the content and I am not a guy who is easily impressed.

Site looks nice, with a custom logo, newsletter etc. I must say it lacks real social profiles and the social icons remain blank with a href="#". Huge downside.

At last, but not least - metrics. The site lacks real traffic and strong authority backlinks, but if you consider the price, I think it's more than fair. Site has a long history, but it was re-created recently.

How to Improve

Maybe create some real social profiles. Try to restore as many of site's old pages as possible.


In general, I think it's a great service. Since iAuthority provides one of the best services when it comes to PBN, I will give it a go. Anyway, I wish him and his clients good luck in future endeavors.​

Review Copy Received.

The content is straight up amazing not a finger to point anywhere.

Metrics PA DA 24+ TF CF 20+

Everything looked good article wise, metrics wise. Only thing i saw was that he posted my link on a PBN that wasnt that much related to my niche. But my niche is really hard to find related PBN's for so no hard feelings what so ever.

10/10 Service. Definetly worth to try him out!​

Received a review link and here are the stats.







The design is looking nice. I checked the quality of the content via Grammarly and it could only find one error (wants > want) which is not a big deal at all.

Now, this one link is not going to move the serps, but if you buy a bunch of them you'll surely see positive movement. Good service.​

got my review report , in fact I happen to buy thread starter services , and he offer this as a bonus. Good gesture for him. The article is great . Link well. etc.

Overall can't wait more for more traffic .​

Finally received my report and everything looks good . Waiting for SERP improvements . Hope it will reflect in our result soon.

Just got my review copy
The DA is 22, the backlink profile is fine, however it seems like it was an italian website and it has many italy links.
The content was good, the link was naturally placed within the article.

Great service​

Placed an order for 2 very competitive keywords. I used to be #1, but the competition got even bigger and from the past few months, any links i bought did not work.

The keywords were dancing between #3 and #5. Now the results after approx. 2 weeks are:

Keyword #1: @ #3
Keyword #2: @ #2

Will reorder asap to get that #1 spot.


I got a free post for review.

The domain which container my link has these metrics: TF 43, DA 25 and had 148 RD. Overall great domain.
The site is well-made. Nice looking designs and well thought out. The article that container my link is unique and correctly formatte. The content is quite good (563 words). There are 2 images which matched the niche and topic of the article.

A very nice job. I liked it and I will buy some links from iAuthority in upcoming months. Thanks again!​

Review: I received the report for my order a little while ago. Just got round to checking.

Good points -​

  • Report is detailed and easy to read​
  • Metrics all check out and are decent​
  • I spot checked one of the sites and it looks VERY well built - it looks like a real and well-established blog rather than a PBN​
  • 8 out of 10 posts are already indexed in Google​
  • I used this service as part of a wider SEO strategy, however, ranking has improved and I attribute at least some of that improvement to this order​
Bad points -​
  • I spot checked one post and although the content is unique it doesn't read that well in my opinion - definitely produced by a non-native writer​

3 links delivered

Good content and links A+++++​

My order for 20 posts was finished. I wanted some custom drip-feed, which was executed perfectly. Since my keyword is highly competitive(not the highest, but still has more than 100000 searches/month), the results were unexpectedly good. I've seen ranking improvement in ALL keyword varieties I provided.

Anyway, here's a screenshot on some of the keywords:
Keyword 1:

Keyword 2:

Some of the keywords started to appear, although they weren't ranking at all:


Here are the overall stats of the service:

Altogether, it's a great service. The price is extremely cheap and it's totally worth it. I can call it a bargain!

However, this service can improve significantly. With a little extra work, OP can make it from a very good to a marvelous deal. Some of these changes include social profiles, email subscription forms, ads, etc...

That way, OP can probably charge the service a little extra $, which I think is understandable for service that good. Besides, it will be harder for Google to recognize the sites as a PBNs. Cheers!

Review -

Well, I am a little bit skeptical while choosing any PBN service from the marketplace. Because the majority will fail to maintain quality. I ordered a basic package for 10 links. I checked each domain individually and here are my detailed review -

Design & Host -

Hats off OP for the work they did for setting up each domain nicely. Logo's looks professional and design as well. Highly professional set up which takes a long time. I checked all domains IP and none of them matched with each other.

Content -

Average word count is 420 words. My English is not good so I am not the best one to comment over content quality. But still few contents are harder to read for me. But all are 100% unique and well formatted. Also, I believed, these are manually written at least 8 out of 10 content for sure.

Web Archive -

Most of the domains were not English site. It's not an issue as long as these are not spammed to death. But one domain was used as Chinese PBN already. Rest is good to go.

Link Quality -

Here I would say it's average. None of the domains are set for best by links option. I mean each PBN got a good no. of ref. domains but they didn't redirect the pages where the most links pointing out. So only the links from the home page will get the juice rest are useless. I would request to OP if possible work on it to get the maximum output from the network. At least redirect all the broken pages to the home page will work.

Out of 10 domain, 2 domains are spammed to death. Those are used as Chinese links. Anchor cloud and link profile are horrible. I am going to send a PM to the OP for removing the 2 links from those domains for me. I can understand when you are setting a network for selling purpose it's not possible to check all of it. But still, you have to because as a buyer I am really concerned not to buy any negative things for my site. Here is the screenshot of anchor cloud for one domain - http://prntscr.com/nam2i5

Ranking -

I got the report 3 days ago. None of it indexed yet. So can't say anything about it. When the link will index and if I see any improvement I will give an update.

Verdict -

All I said, based on 10 links so far. Only 2 domains have issues but the rest of the 8 domains are good to use. So my rating will be 7/10. But still, I want to request OP to remove those toxic domains from the network if you want to provide real value to your customer.​


Got I report file yesterday. The TAT is just less than 1 week!

I asked OP to drip feed the links in 2 weeks and he sent me the report file including the unpublished article links as well.

The contents are very great for the price. I can easily read and understand the articles. They also come with exact the images I want to use. Some articles have videos as well, also linking to high authority websites.

The sites have unique design (premium Wordpress themes) with fake ads, fake social accounts, which is really great.

The domain metrics all match the numbers in the sale thread. Not a single domain is spammy.

Great service!​


First of all I must say iAuthority is very friendly and easy to communicate with. I have ordered 20 posts. I really like the original, hand-written content posts. Anchors are naturally placed in those articles. Blogs looks like a real sites and their design variety is impressive. Most importantly I received nice boost in rankings in finance niche, which is highly competitive.

Will order more!​

Used this service for two projects. The site metrics were same as committed. He provided backlinks from very low to zero Moz spam score websites on my request. Content was good. Overall good service and recommended.

Full report received, content was good and dripfeed done and dates are mentioned, hope these links will move my keyword positions, waiting. :)

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Hi @Arditkallaba, thanks for ordering with us, we will send the report soon.
30 normal posts.
30 sticky posts.

thanks for the quick responses

Hi @BPSEOSAN, thanks for the new order, the report will be delivered soon.
Order placed, Exterme (50 posts) combined with Basic Sticky (10 posts). #691

Hi @Kyo EnBi, let us know your questions via PM, so we can help you out.!
Interested, More info plz

Hi @Guo Xiang, Samples and discount code were sent via PM, let us know if you have any queries.
I wanna try this. discount ? Samples.

Hi @Rim Song-j12, Samples and discount code were sent via PM, let us know if you have any queries.
Samples and discount