Empty Spins and article length

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    I hope you're all doing this anyway, but when article marketing or doing pretty much whatever with spun blocks of text make sure you shake up the length. The easiest way to do this is with a few empty spins.

    eg. I'm going down the shop to buy some beer{.| because I had a shit of a day.} What are you drinking{?|while I'm there?}

    See how it's totally readable and makes total sense whichever way you read it but the article length is totally different.

    You can also use empty spins to make a whole word optional

    eg. Your girlfriend is so {|fucking }ugly, what are you doing{?| with her?}

    or even control the frequency

    Your girlfriend is so {|||||fucking }ugly, what are you doing{?| with her?}

    this way you'll only emphasise how ugly she is one in six times.

    Ignore me if you're doing this already, but from the quality of spins in a certain Network I'm involved in, it don't look like too many people hand spin.