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    Hi All,

    New to the forum but being doing SEO for a while.

    2 questions you might be able to help with:

    1.Is exactmatchdomainx considered an exact match still ? (as in with the x).

    2. If that answer to question 1 is yes I want to move my site from brandname to exactmatchdomainx If I do a 301 from my current site (brandname) to a new exact match domain will it carry most of the link juice over? I have been doing a lot of link building to the brandname domain so don't really want to lose it.

    Is having an exactmatchdomainx safe or will that get Googles negative attention?

    The niche is about low - medium competition so not sure if I should just stick to the brand name domain and keep building links or get the exactmatchdomainx version.

    Thanks all.
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