EMD + Amazon + Adsense vs. Newbie, a few questions and a banned amazon account

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    i read across the whole forum for hours and hours and was impressed about many threads.

    I'm not sure wheather this post is in the right thread, so please move it, if you like.

    I'm interested in creating niche websites with Adsense + Amazon on emd's, that means i'm planning to to this but I'm not exactly sure how.

    "Everybody" talks about creating niche websites adding articles, static pages, posts, etc. but nobody described how they look like, just to have an inspiration.

    What i have now:

    - 1 EMD
    - 500 unique article with kw (fiverr gig) (hopefully soon)
    - hosting with installed wp
    - banned amazon partner account

    My questions:

    1. I tested a little bit with design and amazon astore, so the website was not in finished status but amazon reviewed it and banned my partner account. I hope, if i have finished the site and let amazon review it again i'll be unlocked to the partnerprogramm.
    => Is it a dream like if you are banned from adsense ?
    => Is amazon astore the right way or do i have to use other functions of amazon ?

    2. What Design should the page have ?
    => which/how many Static Pages ?
    => Adsense (how many ads) or maybe adsense is not allowd in the TOS of Amazon ?
    => Where do i add my 500 words article ? Post, Static site ?
    => Are there special themes which are particularly suitable for those websites ?

    I don't want a blueprint, i just need an inspiration and a few hints.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    I would be grateful for a few replies.