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Embedding flickr images

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by fandi, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. fandi

    fandi Registered Member

    Sep 18, 2011
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    Is there any restriction in TOS of flickr for embedding flickr images? I mean am I free to display images from flickr (those which are publicly available) in <img> tag? Or Do I need to link to the original flickr page?

    My second question is: does it has an effect on my SEO (to be included in Google images)? Or google image will consider only images stored locally?
  2. webnise

    webnise Regular Member

    Dec 21, 2009
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    If I remember correctly, you can embed them in your pages but you need to do an 'attribution' to the original person which means you need to mention the name of the person whoes image you are using.

    It doesn't make any difference from SEO point of view to get images from flickr or host locally but ALT tag does help in SEO so make sure you provide relevant ALT and Title tags with images.