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    I've got a website that has a wordpress blog off to the side. (w3.mypretendwebsite.com/blog/) I'm already inserting the latest blog entry on my index page.

    I would like to embed comments on all the other pages outside of the blog using the wordpress mysql database and admin panel.

    Why don't I just make the entire site a wordpress blog? I'm doing some specific things with layout and DIV tags within the body of the content and wordpress plays havoc on all this stuff. I've also got some Google API map stuff that's different for each page.

    I just want someone to show me the php insert calls for commenting on my particular website, where it goes and what needs to be changed. I'll do all the grunt work of inserting the code in all the separate pages once I have a template that works.

    I'm hoping this is an hours work for someone who knows what they're doing. How much would you want?