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Discussion in 'CPA' started by dariobl, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Jul 11, 2012
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    does anyone knows how to make the following :

    - Once the user comes to my 1st page email submit offer, how to force my page to auto fill email submit fields in other email submit offers?

    I know this sounds confusing, but i hope that someone can understand me.


    ----My own landing page ==== user put his info==== info goes to three other email submit offers ==== open three new windows for other offers also.

    That way you can boost your earnings on more networks :)

    I will be very thankful if somebody can help me with this !
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    its called "pre-popping" and it depends on the offer your running. some offers allow you to pass pre-popped info to those other email offers, and some offers wont allow it. check with your network for the pre-pop setting so you know where to append the email address to pop correctly. you may have to ask your account manager how to pre-pop with those offers if you cant find the parameters to pass listed for the offer
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    I think it's quite hard since the aff link does a redirect to the offer first... You will need to investigate the offer's page form to see what it receives through your aff link (aff id, timestamp, cookies, etc), then take the variables from your landing page (name, zip, mail, etc), reconstruct the offers form and submit it in a 1x1 iframe on your landing page "thank you"...

    I hope it makes some sense for you...

    Ps: sorry for my poor english