Email SPAM Prank 3.5 - Prank your friends or your enemies


Nov 12, 2014
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Hi all,

New release of Email SPAM Prank, this version (3.5) include 200 spam emails which allow you to fill an inbox with them. This version includes an internal feature that verifies the internet connection before inicializing the program. This is a request made by the crowd, some people were saying that Email SPAM Prank didn't work and the problem was no connection available to the internet. Now it's solved.

As always there is the private version which sends aproximately 10.000 emails but it's still in the oven and need to add more emails. So, new orders will have a delay but i'm able to fulfill in a short period of time.

Exclusively, to comemorate the 1 year release of Email SPAM Prank there is available the Extreme Edition which sends aproximately 50.000 (WOW) spam emails. This Extreme Edition doesn't work with all browsers because of too many connections so exclude IE. The Extreme Edition will knock out anyone email address...

That's all, the download link for the public is available below. We offer support to the public edition so if you encounter any problem, just reply back as i monitor this threats.


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Hello, I was wondering if I may also get the link for the download?
That is a better prank >

Just send them an email in the name of their boss/local police station or something else.
so basically it floods their email, does it go to their inbox or spam ?
Yes that's what it does. Since google launch there new interface they all go to social tab. If you are using a hotmail, yes bart it will fill with spam. This also works if your mobile is direct connect to your inbox (gmail/hotmail/yahoo/etc).
Please send to me...have 2 good friends who are in great need of receiving some emails
I have a relatively whitehat need for this. I want to make Google check an inbox more often because it's POP3 so it's only updating like every hour. I have read if the email is handling more emails at a time that they will update its cache settings. So that could be nice. Any chance I could have this? :)
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