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email service comparison about outlook,gmail and yahoo

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by troxy, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. troxy

    troxy Registered Member

    Jun 18, 2015
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    -you have 15GB for emails and cloud storage(you can upgrade for more storage,up to 10TB)
    -it can contain 25 000 contacts
    -you can send 500 email per day
    -you can undo a sent email(this feature is only available in gmail)
    -you can creat aliases(temporary adresse) as many as you want
    -maximum attachment:25MB(10GB via google drive)
    -it support:pOP3-IMAP-SMTP
    -you connection is secure using ssl and tls
    -they close your account if its unused for 9 months
    -you can use your domain for 5$ per user and per months

    -you have unlimited storage for mails and 15GB for cloud storage
    -maximum attachment:25MB(unlimited with OneDrive)
    -it support:pOP3-IMAP-SMTP
    -you connection is secure using ssl and ativesync
    -they close your account for 270 of inactivity
    -you can't use your own domaine
    -you can send 300 mail per day
    -it can contain unlimited contacts
    -you can create 15 aliases per account(your allowed to create 5 aliases per month)

    -1TB for emails
    -maximum attachment:25MB(and 150MB with dropbox)
    -you can creat 1 aliase(and unlimited temporary adresse)
    -they support:pOP3-IMAP-SMTP
    -secure connection using SSL
    -they delete your account for 12 months of inactivity

    thanks for reading this,if you have more information post them,and if you liked my post than hit the thanks button.