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    Hi guys,

    i am looking for someone who has access or can get a list of email address's for the gambling niche.

    With this list i will want someone to send an email to these address's.

    I shall provide the content.

    I do not mind what size the list is, but the max i will pay for is 50k list size and emailing 50k emails.

    If you are able to do both of these parts for me then great, if you can only do one of these parts then thats fine too.

    Please let me know your prices for the following:

    1. Price for 1k gambling emails
    2. Price for 5k gambling emails
    3. Price for 10k gambling emails
    4. Price for 20k gambling emails
    5. Price for 50k gambling emails

    6. Price to send 1k emails
    7. Price to send 5k emails
    8. Price to send 10k emails
    9. Price to send 20k emails
    10. Price to send 50k emails

    Any questions feel free to ask, try and keep as much as possible to PM please