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    Hi everyone, how goes it? I wanted to ask what you think about the following. We have numerous vaping sites (electronic cigarettes). For those not initiated with the technology, it's a quit smoking method that is, really, very logical, thus very effective. It's really effective because, well..maybe it's best if you take two minutes to read a short artile I wrote about this at [apparently I can't add URLs until I've been here a bit longer]. I'll just copy-paste the gist:


    "If you know nothing about vaping, know this: It offers real relief from two major problems;

    Nicotine cravings. To vape, you need e-liquid. This is atomized into that vapor you inhale. Liquids come with all sorts of nicotine levels. Some liquids have higher nicotine in them compared to others, and some liquids don't have any nicotine at all. When you vape with liquid that has nicotine, you effectively reduce nicotine cravings to zero. Imagine quitting cold turkey. Then imagine the cravings hitting you hard. With an electronic cigarette, you are able to get your nicotine fix. Not only are you able to get it, you can get it whenever you want. That's also very important because no matter when and where the cravings hit, you are covered and can take care of it without going back to cigarettes.

    Holding a cigarette and periodically taking it to your lips. It's not just the cravings that an electronic cigarette provides relief for. The physical habit you form over years create such a strong habit that many smokers that want to quit cannot do it just for this reason alone. You are so used to holding a cigarette and taking it to your lips that you need to substitute something in it's place. And that something is an electronic cigarette.

    These two facts are actually why vaping means more than just quitting. The brilliance of vaping lays in the fact that you quit smoking for good."


    I want to do try a small mail blast for which details are as below.

    Emails to be sent: 25k
    Geo targeting: UK (the website is in English)
    Segment 1: Smoker
    Segment 2: People aged between 25-54
    Segment 3: Middle class people

    Keeping the three segments and the blog post in mind, and that ecigs are a hot item, how many sales do you think I could expect from the total of 25k mails sent? Yes, there are many variables but anything ballpark would be appreciated.