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    We are an executive search and staffing firm using a shared email server (shared with other search firms who use PC Recruiter) for notifying job seekers about our open positions. I have a feeling, based on the diminishing responses we've gotten over the course of the last couple years, that some ISPs might be blocking the emails from going through.

    This is very frustrating since we have legitimate opportunities, we're not selling penis enlargement pills. We are also protected as a search firm under the CAN-SPAM ACT because email is our primary form of communication and we are not requiring job seekers to purchase a product or service.

    Furthermore, under CareerBuilder and Monster's Terms of Service, it clearly states that candidates who make their contact information available (they have the option to be anonymous), may be contacted directly by third parties. And we go out of our way to use advanced search functionality to increase the likelihood that the people we contact are a match for the position in order to reduce spam. But I have a feeling other companies using the server are abusing it and hurting our effectiveness. Also, there are job seekers that neglect to take down their resume from the job boards after finding employment and then get frustrated when receiving emails about other opportunities and are loose with the spam button.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that I would like to set up an email server that will get these emails inboxed but still use our cloud-based applicant tracking software (ATS) that houses our database of candidates, helps prevents us from sending duplicate emails to the same email address, manages our unsubscribe list, and allows us to filter by zip code radius.

    The ATS allows us to choose an outgoing SMTP server, user name and pword.

    I'm hoping that it is possible to set up a proxy server and whatever else is needed to guarantee the emails get inboxed and need an expert consultant who can help us get this set up.

    We're not going to pay for something that gets us 50% of the way there. I am looking for someone that is capable of fully delivering. I'm not a programmer but I can sniff out BS. Please don't waste our time.

    I've learned a great deal from this site from an SEO standpoint and I understand the damage a social media attack to damage a company's reputation can have on a business. So if you deliver, you will get paid. I have no interest in tarnishing my or my company's reputation.
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    No inbox delivery is not something that can be solved only with a proxy server. Firstly go with the basics rDNS, SPF, no open relay, correct RFC and etc.
    You can add me on skype to make some suggestions for you. I have worked with almost all mail servers but mostly with exchange (DAG environment).
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    After reading your post I don't think a proxy server is what needed , isp blocks emails for several reason and just because your can-spam doesn't mean anything except you won't get sued

    the easiest and safest solutions is to use a third party mailer search google
    for icontact

    I not affiliated with them and you are guaranteed not to get scammed.

    If you want to build up your own ip reputation and deal with being blacklisted, appeals, that's a option to, but its a investment that is over kill for many companies that don't get the majority of their income from mass emailing 85%

    If you would like to discuss more pm me for my Skype info
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    i work with several mailers (professional) and also have my own service. Which volume are we speaking about ? If you need more info, PM me.