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Jul 6, 2011
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Hi everyone,

i have recently started a company similar to the one i am employed at.
As my manager and owner treats me like crap, I have decided to steal his potiental customers.

I am the only employee receiving incoming emails from potiental customers, so only I have access to the email list.
My goal is now to advertise my company to these emails. My question is how I can do this without making it look like spam?
If someone asks me how I got his/her email, what is the best answer?
Is there any good way to do this without telling the truth and lose credibility?

Many thanks in advance
It might be not right, but what about using company feed emails?

If you make your email template and theme the same way as your current company has, only change logo and e-mail adress slighty, it might work just as well, since ppl trust
your old company and they know that design.

If you dont like that, you can change design at any time, I'd say after 2-3 mails, just send them mail where you will inform them that you completelly changed your desing.

Hope this helps.
thank you both! Will definitely look into these methods. If anyone else has any tips, it will be much appreciated as well.
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