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    Hello my friends.As there is no section about email marketing here, I will write about it in this category.As on my mind email marketing is most closely related to making money and relationship marketing.I have read many information about email marketing in various sources.But still have many difficulties.So I would like to take your corrections about my strategy.If you will help me.
    I have a niche blog website and in the summer I am going to add some services.Now I am starting my emaill marketng campiagn,My strategy is the following
    1 Introducing myself in the first follow -up (right after the susbscribtion),Who am I,what will they benefit from me emails,why they should follow my emails
    2 Than once in a week newsletter about updates and news of my niche.They will be unique and precious
    When the second month begins...
    1newsletter (with some giveaway and vochers))
    2newsletter with product offer or linking to the sales page
    3 newsletter (ordinary)
    4newsletter with product offer
    And I will make this process continuos and consistent.
    What do you think about this strategy?please helpm me.Thanks in advance
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    It's reasonably sound, however weekly mailing might turn some people off. If people are "subscribing" to newsletters they are likely expecting to receive something monthly. I would consider scaling back the frequency and/or getting to the offer earlier in the cycle. The best strategy I've seen is:

    1. Offer something that's valuable and captivating for free to collect email contact
    2. Send a teaser email showing some product/service features of something about to be released
    3. Send them full product details and offer a pre-order special with confirmed launch date
    4. Launch with extended introductory offer

    By the way I have almost 90K Canadian business contacts, all contact information, email and many are complete with all business details. I am selling this list which you can use for any purpose and can also provide a turnkey email blast for you (no SPAM allowed if we do the emailing). I just ran one for a client and had 83% deliver-ability.

    PM me for pricing and details.

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    Your strategy is good, that is the way always try to get permission first then come to sales.
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    First you have to research the market , branding & area where you have to target the people then prepare a professional email mentioned the things which you provide or selling make the impressive Subject which people can't ignore the main part of email marketing is its subject so be on topic .