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    First off I'm new so don't beat me up on this to bad. I am in the process of starting a business and I will (hopefully) work with businesses across the USA. I would love to hire a bunch of telemarketers to dial all day long, every day & make contact with businesses that way but that is not feasible for me do to my limited budget. I may hire a telemarketer or two but what I'm hoping to do is find an automated software that would allow me to plug in something like the following "Chinese food Los Angeles" or "Chinese 90001" (zip code) and it would pull back all the relevant information (location, email address, phone number, exc) from Google Maps and/or the Yellow Pages and for businesses that have an email I would like to have an email automatically sent to them. If there was some way to retain the biz's info & send another email down the line as well. Also I would want to insure the email get's through as opposed to being flagged as spam.

    I came across a product called 'Power Leads Pro' that I think may work for me but I read where some users were having issues and they were going unresolved. I emailed the person who created the software asking about buying it & didn't get a response so that didn't bread a whole lot of confidence on my end. I thought about downloading a copy of 'Power Leads Pro' that I came across but I believe it was a bit older & with the issues people seem to be having I'm not sure if it would be worth my time.

    Does anyone have any recommendations as far as software that is stable and supported that would do what I'm looking for? I'm really looking for something that's very automated. I just want to be able to 'set it & forget it' (I think that's from an infomercial).

    I've also thought about outsourcing this to an individual or company (likely in India do to cost) to do this but I'm not sure what the cost on something like that would be.

    Two more 'dumb' questions. Are there negatives in terms of doing this? Can Google pick up on this and 'penalize' me or my site because of this?

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Try to google "email scraper" or something like it...
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    I'm pretty sure you can scrape emails using scrapebox with the right footprints.