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May 10, 2017
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Hello, is their a software to build 1000's of email accounts?
The ones I used to use no longer work. But it also depends what service(s) you are trying to create emails for.
Are you just looking to make random email addresses that don't actually work, or do you need the full account actually set up. If the former, I could write something tonight to do that for like $10. If the latter, I'm not too sure, but I could look into it.
Which provider? Gmail, hotmail, mail or others? U can use accounts which are sold on blackhat marketplace. They are also cheap.
Hello thanks for the replys, they are for GSA SER email verification
you can use accounts which are sold on black hat marketplace. are also cheap.Which provider? Gmail, hotmail, mail. I'm not too sure, but I could look into it.
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