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    I was searching the internet and fount this post thought you'd all like to see, it is extremely funny.

    I received an email from a Dr Bradley Boykin this morning. I don't know who he is, but he seemed concerned about my sexual troubles. This is what his email said:
    You want to resolve your sexual troubles?
    Don't know how to do this? It's more than simply
    Use link to learn more...
    And there was a link here, but I'm not telling you what it was because when I clicked on it, it was actually a bit annoying. First it went to a website with a photo of a pretty lady on it, but before the page had loaded a pop up came up asking me for my credit card details. So I put those in, and then more pop ups came up with all kinds of advertisements in them, and it took a long time to shut them all down, and when I got back to the original page to see what it was all about, the whole process began again.
    It was a bit of a waste of ten minutes, to be honest.
    It's a shame, because I do have sexual troubles - lack of a partner with whom to have sex being primary amongst them - and Dr Boykin's email aroused a momentary degree of hope in me. But if he is, as I assume, some kind of internet Zorro dedicated to aiding those of us who are lonely and in need of succour, he really needs to sort out his website, because at the moment it's unusable.
    I wrote to him explaining the difficulties I'd had, because I know websites can be unpredictable sometimes and maybe he's not aware of the problems.
    His email ended with:
    Have an ardent nights!
    which I thought was nice.
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    I so desperately want to know where you found this. It has to be a goldmine. :)