email exchange between an unsatisfied customer and an idiot

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    I'm not one to name names, or go around throwing wild accusations. So this correspondence will remain anonymous. But please PM me if you are thinking of joining one of the smaller article marketing programs out there - not UAW, SEOLKVNE, MAN etc.

    An answer to my support ticket about articles disapperaing when submitted:

    "I am sorry I do not know what is going on with how you submitted. NO ONE else is having any issues. So that tells me it is an isolated issue that needs to be handled. I am not sure how your submitting or how you previewed. I am not trying to be rude but, please try again and please review the video first..."

    The second answer to my second support ticket, and can you beleive he tells me to use less spin syntax?

    "I am not sure why or how it is missing when I get it to approve. This is not rocket science and I am not connected with SEO LinkVine so, there programming is surely different... Use less spinner syntax maybe??? I am not sure... I know you are the ONLY ONE having this issue. I have over a hundred people submitting and that is what is strange...."

    After this response I got cranky and gave him an unkind review on ****** *****. this was his response. Please not the bit about being unprofessional.

    "I answered this on ****** ****. I think you are being WAY UNFAIR in your statement of unprofessional. I addressed this and the reason on Market Crush.
    PLEASE watch the video again and lets figure out why you are the only one having this issue. I want to help you and not have you wondering why.... I do not have the answer why you are having this issue but, it surely is not the system or the network. Maybe it is the CSS style sheet???"

    OK so maybe I was a bit unfair airing my greivances in public like that, so I apologised and praised his system:

    "And thanks for the reply. Sorry, I'm just getting frustrated. I love your system and want it to work. I am not trying to market a fly by night affiliate site, but a long standing travel site, so I am after very well spun articles, for long lasting results and your system allows me to shake up the links and anchor texts within the same article, a great feature, and one I have to do manually with other systems.

    I am just getting really annoyed with only one in eight or so articles being there after I hit "publish". I would have 40-50 articles going if it was working for me.

    I want to stay a customer, I want to have an unlimited account, but I need to be able to publish well spun articles. I haven't got time to unspin articles until the system accepts them. I have tried copying from notepad, converting the spun articles into the plainest text possible. I have tried writing articles directly to your interface. I seem to have the same problems with highly spun articles as I do with ones with minimal spin.

    If this problem is resolved within the first month I'll happily continue with your service. That gives you ample time to sort it out.

    Sorry about the forum post, I'll edit to make it look less offensive."

    Still not fixed so another support ticket from me:

    The issue is still not any better, see the last submitted article "directories4" it has minimal spin syntax. It was written in notepad, saved, closed, reopened then copy and pasted into your system. As I said before, I really like your system and would like to remain using it for quite a while, but cannot see myself staying after the first month if this persists. I just haven't got the time or $$$ to invest in something that doesn't work as promised.

    And the reply:

    You are the only person that cannot get the article into the editor box and hit submit. Gee, I wonder if it is the system or the operator when you are the only one. Everyone else gets it to work just fine. Everyone else follows the video instructions. That should make you mad. You cannot get it to work because you did not follow the instructions. No, it makes me mad that I see you on the site not following the instructions so that you can publish....
    Go to clickbank and hit the cancel button.

    So I did:

    "CUSTOMER: CREATED: 2010-08-15 08:19:22 PM the system he was selling/promoting does not work and his customer service is pathetic

    VENDOR: COMMENTED: 2010-08-15 08:58:31 PM I am actually glad you are canceling because, my system works fine, my network is solid, and when I had an issue I sent out an email informing everyone of the issue and how it was to be resolved. It amazes me that you can come complain without a justifiable reason, and you will make me the bad guy! Learn what it is to run a business first and then you might have an opinion that is worth something. Your attitude is horrible and I answer my support tickets on a daily basis. You should learn how to white list them. I am sure you have them in the spam box..."

    I was tempted to really go to town on the guy, but decided I have better uses of my time and giving you guys a laugh will suffice - if anyone really wants to know the name of the system, not just to be nosy but to avoid wasting your money PM me.It was about $80 per mkonth wasted.

    I have a fairly good understanding of article marketing - having about 300 or so articles out there, all spun to 100% rewrite by hand. Oh and by the way I may not be the most experienced internet marketer out there but my bricks and morter businesses have done quite well and the only reason I'm trying to turn my wifes little travel website into a big travel site is so we can have an income stream when we sail around the world in a year or so - on the yacht that my pathetically run business have bought me.
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