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    Hi everyone
    I want to promote products on my Blogger page and thus, i want to set up an AutoResponder, an email list(or newsletter however you would like to call it) that sends emails i previously prepared in the time intervals that i preset. Now, i learned all about how to make my Subscribe button appear on my blog(HTML Widget) and i also learned how to generate my own Email Autoresponder code that i put into my HTML Widget(by using different programs such as Aweber or MailMunch). However,there is one thing i don't understand. I have my list of emails all set up and defined on my Notepad but i don't know where i am supposed to put these emails,so that they are sent to my subscribers in my preset time intervals(simply put,link my emails with my Subscribe button that i put in my blog,just as i linked my generated email code from Aweber/MailMunch to my blog).
    If anyone can help me here,on PM, or even send me a video that explains all of this,they would be lifesavers.

    Thanks a lot guys.