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Great service and one I have been wanting for a long time. After a test run on one of my smaller money sites I have come back to order 5 more packages for some newer posts on my biggest money site.

What's great about it?

1. New Posts - The content is really well written. Certainly well enough that if someone comes across it I feel there is a good chance they actually click on my link and I get traffic from it.

2. Niche Edits - These were real niche edits. Backlinks were placed on nicely aged articles that have been indexed for a couple of years now and good metrics.

A lot of people sell "niche edits" and they just go edit a 1 month old guest post on a publicly accessible website. Not here, these were 100% legitimate niche edits!

3. Guest Posts - Good websites. Nothing you cannot find on Upwork & Fiverr but that is and should be expected. What is great about it in this service, as I pointed out the content is actually really good. And there is a nice handful of these posts. Had I purchased these exact same guest posts from Upwork & Fiverr. I would have probably spent as much money just on that as I did on this entire package.

4. Cloud Links - I received 3 cloud links and I'm really happy and impressed with both of them. Big time DA and really solid PA on both of them.

Bottom Line

This is a fantastic package at a VERY good price point. Will make a great base to any new website or go along way to establishing some authority to a new post and it's about as "safe" as it gets. Safe enough I purchased it for my biggest money site to get some authority going to a few new posts.

Highly recommend.


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Unbiased review copy - not affiliated with the seller

Links are effective and executed in a professional manner
The seller's communication is exceptional, scoring a perfect 10 out of 10.
There are a few links with a high Domain Authority (DA), which is fantastic.
Low cost, good value for money!
Got a review copy.

Website looks good, its well designed.

Metrics are good DR 72, with 13k monthly traffic.

Content reads well and website is niche related.

Seller was polite and friendly with TAT as stated.

Overall, good service :)
I got a review copy, so here is my review.

I got one link from a news/general site, the article is spot on, well written, and my link is in the second paragraph.

Site stats: Semrush AS36, organic traffic 12k+; Ahrefs DR70+, traffic 12k+.

All in all, very nice job. Recommended.
review copy

Ok domain no traffic really

for a free link though i cant complain

article was well written with my anchor text i requested

Received One Link as Review Copy. Here is my honest review :
  1. Quick Communication: Communication with the OP was easy and fast.
  2. Turnaround Time (TAT): TAT is less than 5 Days.
  3. Content Quality: Grammarly passed. AI Test Passed.
  4. Visual Appeal: Related images were included.
  5. Website Design: Website design is clean and it looks like a news websites.
  6. Anchor Text and Link Placement: The anchor text is placed perfectly within the content and naturally, which is key in link-building.
  7. Indexing: Link is already indexed.

10/10 Recommended Service.
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