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Oct 26, 2011
Introducing High Anonymous Elite Private HTTP/Socks5 Proxies & Dedicated Proxy Servers From ProxyBlaze.com

Hello BlackHatWorld,

We are introducing High Anonymous Elite Private Proxies | Dedicated Proxy Servers For Resellers.

All proxies are highly anonymous/elite HTTP/Socks5 proxies with long lasting & blazing high speed. The proxies are hosted on a powerfull servers & a dedicated 100mbps lines. All private proxies are Private and not being shared to anyone. If you have a dynamic IP, our system is designed to work perfect without any problem.

Sharing of login accounts & proxies is strictly prohibited.
Do not spam or use it for any illegal activities like carding/Massmailing and so on..

Private Proxies:

Blazing Powerful, high speed and long lasting High Anonymous ELITE private proxies.






We do not offer any refunds due to the nature of the service. We will try our best to resolve any issues such as
Speed, downtime, proxies are dead.

Contact Us

To contact our team regarding sales/billing/support please use the details below.
Email Support
[email protected]

Skype Support: jackb3llo

Or you can contact directly by a Submitting Ticket



If you have any questions regarding pre-sales feel free reply this thread, Pm me or contact us using the above contact details.
P.S. Read our TOS before making any order with us.
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For the review, @proxyblaze was required to send 1,000 HTTP & SOCKS private proxies. The proxies were tested and worked as advertised.

Service Highlights
  • Update: @proxyblaze fixed the slow login/logout time on their website.
  • The proxies I tested were not detected as "proxy networks" by https://whatismyipaddress.com.
  • The upload and download speed seemed fast; I had no problem watching 4k videos while connected to any of the proxies.
What Could Use Improvement
  • At the time of this review, the login time on proxyblaze.com seemed somewhat slow, taking up to 8 seconds each time I logged in. Logging out took roughly 3 seconds. It would be great if this could be sped up a bit. Seller fixed this issue. See the last service highlight.
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Very interesting - Just a service I was looking for with small proxy packages. Is it just US locations you have? Any UK ones?
Hi bro. Do you have Residential Proxies too? Or only data center ones. Also do you accept skrill or BTC? Please PM Me. I have also added you on skype
Hello, I'm trying to buy now uding bitcoin as payment and all i get is fraud check. What's going on?
Hello, I'm trying to buy now using bitcoin as payment and all i get is fraud check. What's going on?
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