Electric Double Beam Overhead Crane requirements for the structure and conditions of use

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    The machine structure is dominated by the main beam, beam, traveling mechanism, trolley and trolley traveling mechanism composed, is a running light and heavy rail yuantai single beam overhead crane 5 ton, work systems applicable A3-A7, operating ambient temperature for 25 ℃ -40 within ℃ range, from the weight has 2t-550t, applicable to span 7.5-33.5 meters, electrical equipment operated in the form of wireless, wireline ground handling and control room operation.
    This product is a general-purpose china double beam double trolley overhead crane, used for general machinery manufacturing, coal chemical and other places, for handling, loading and unloading materials.
    This product is not easily flammable, explosive medium or with a workplace with high humidity corrosive gases. Does not apply to lifting the molten metal, toxic and flammable work.