Elastic (XEL) - Interesting Coin With A Lot Of Potential.

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    Please note: This IS NOT investment advice. Purely my opinion. I could be completely wrong, time will tell.

    I have been following Elastic (CoinMarketCap) for some time now and I believe it's a good investment opportunity for anyone else interested.

    - Other supercomputer coins mostly exist on paper. Those with actual prototypes are limited to certain use cases only, such as, for example, image rendering. Elastic, however, approaches supercomputing from a meta perspective: instead of pre defining certain use cases, users are given an own programming language (ElasticPL) to code their own use cases and tailor them to their very own requirements. The program language is designed in a way, that it is provably safe to execute it on any remote and untrusted machine - no infinite loops, no memory exhaustion attacks, no information leakage or anything similar is possible.

    - Essentially it's a competitor to Golem but with a much smaller market cap. 1/8 of it to be exact.

    - There was no ICO. This is a completely volunteer/community driven product.

    - Without large amount of funds it can be hard for a small coin to gain some publicity but I think now that is it listed on Bittrex things will change.

    Read more about it: Elastic Compared to Other Competitors

    Real use case:

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    maybe will invest