EID MUBARIK | Some Eid Poetry

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    "Eid Mubarik to All From me"

    Here is some Urdu Poetry in Roman Urdu which is understandable for Pakistanis and Indian brothers.

    Bin dekhay ya rab ye eid na guzray,
    Kar paida koi aisa sabab, eid na guzray,

    Duniya ko dikhaya ha ik chand jo tu nay,
    mujh ko bhi dikha day k ye Eid na guzray,

    Is Eid pe na mil sakay to kya hua,
    Jazboon main ho khaloos to Eidain hazar hin,


    Eid aai ha musarrat ki payami ban kar,
    Wo musarrat jo teri deed say wabasta ha,

    English Eid Poem

    Eid is fun and great
    It's time to celebrate

    Eid Mubarak to everyone come on
    Let's have lots of fun!

    Everyone's going to the mosque to pray
    People are grateful, it's a special day.

    "Mmmm"... the taste of the delicious food
    Really puts you in a good mood.

    Everybody's wearing their posh clothes
    And the guys are cruising in their
    Flashy cars on the roads.

    Children opening their gifts with smiles
    On their faces and having fun going
    Out to different places.

    All of a sudden the day comes to an end
    Well what can I say...
    Thank you for a lovely day!!!