Eharm0ney/ Chem1stry Free Weekend Method

Discussion in 'CPA' started by advio12, Jul 3, 2010.

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    Although I have not tried this sounds like it could work. Do not count on a LOT of traffic doing this, only some. OK. On some weekends Eharm0ney will have a free weekend such as this weekend, and they are usually 4 day holiday weekends like the July 4th weekend we have. Build a profile- is a long process on EH. Make it sound like the average to better than average male or female. When it asks what you are passionate about put in your .com/.info squeeze page url that leads to your CPA offer thats dating- singles related. Curious people will go to that URL just to see what you do, etc. Rinse and repeat as often as you like as I THINK the only thing you would have to change is put in a new name- and email address each time.