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    So today I got a message from ebay telling me I have been restricted from selling permanently, but
    I can still buy lol (how comforting).

    The reason was due to my "below standard" seller performance rating. I've had my account since Sep 2007. I have 400+ positives, 3 negatives, 1 neutral in all that time.

    I just started using it this past February to sell. From Feb 7 to Feb 24, I had 16 transactions with a defect (meaning: it was cancelled due to being out of stock). The problem here is that since returning to ebay, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Seller Performance Rating. I only knew about the feedback rating score.

    What happened was (some of you might remember if you read my other threads), I posted a bunch of 99 cent listings for an email that would provide buyers a link on where to purchase said items for discounted prices. Turns out of the batch that I sold in the month of February, 16 had to be "refunded" by buyers request. The only problem was, I used the drop down option and selected "Cancel Transaction". The next page always showed me an option to Refund the Buyer, which I did. What I didn't know was that every time you do this (cancel transaction), it counts as a defect in your seller performance ratings. You are only allowed less than 2% defect rating to be in goodstanding. Anything more than 2% and you are BELOW AVERAGE.

    Since I had 16 in that time span out of about 100 transactions, I was at a whopping 17%. Since that time, I had stopped doing those listings, and sold just normally, so by next month's evaluation in March, I was still at 12% (16 of 132 transactions roughly). But my defect rate was improving, and going down, albeit slowly because I'm a small seller that averaged 1 sale per day or so. Of course in just 1 month it's not going to go down below 2%.

    Today they restricted my selling privileges permanently and after messaging them back and forth a few times, it seems that they just regurgitate the script where 3 unique CSRs all said the same thing about why I was restricted. "We've noticed that you were below standard because of your 16 transactions that you cancelled (blah blah blah)". Then the script continues on to say that I exhibited a RISK to the ebay community lol. As if a person like me who makes 1 sale per day for 99 cent items and had 16 cancelled transactions is a great threat, risk, and danger to ebay's business and that I'm somehow responsible for potentially driving away buyers to their business. Me, a microscopic seller who doesn't even touch 1 millionth of a percent of ebay's total customer base. I'm a threat lol.

    I tried to explain to them that it was clearly a mistake I made from feb. 7 to 24. All 16 defect transactions occurred in that time because I clicked on "cancel transaction" and I didn't know it was going to kill me. I was only paying attention to the feedback score, and of course later on, they told me when they do the seller performance ratings, feedback scores are not included. So, feedbacks should have been the least of my worries.

    I asked them why they can't just give me a probationary period or some help? It was an honest mistake. I've been with them for 9 years. I didn't use it barely at all for selling until just this past February 2016 to start selling (most of my previous feedbacks are all from buying over the 9 years). Why do they just suddenly cut me off like I'm some criminal? Couldn't they at least give me some help, a probationary time period to get that defect rate back down? It was going down in march, and well on its way down again in April, but as I said, selling only one item per day on average gives me 30 per month. So each month, with 0% defect rate, I'd only be seeing a 3-4% drop in that initial 16% rate I had. It would take me months to get below 2% and back to safety.

    Is there any chance another CSR or someone higher up could overturn this decision? It was a mistake. I used the cancel transaction method to send the refunds back to customers. I mean, if I had kept all those 99 cent sales and never returned the monies, sure then I can see how I am a danger and risk. But I refunded them anyways. It just shows up as "cancelled transaction due to being out of stock", and that killed my seller performance rating.

    So, if there's no way I can get a second chance or some probationary time for this honest mistake, is my other option then to try and create a brand new ebay account with a new paypal account?

    P.S. I thought my seller restrictions had something to do with the many refunds I had to give, but all CSRs just said it was because I had a high defect rate (cancelled transactions due to out of stock) it didn't even have anything to do with refunds (to which I refunded about 40-50 of the 100 sales of those 99 cent listings. It was just I did it the wrong way.

    Defects are defined by ebay as any 1 of the following 2 options: 1) transactions you cancelled for being out of stock, and 2) cases closed without seller resolution (which I had zero).
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    1. First of all, most likely what happened was that you were doing things against eBay policy and when the eBay reps looked at your account and what you were selling they dropped the ban hammer on you for that. Usually they allow you 2-3 months to pull your account back up, but they did not give you a grace period which leads me to believe you got banned because what you were doing, not because of seller performance.

    2. Seller performance restrictions caused account restrictions are almost impossible to overturn, especially in this case you weren't really banned for seller performance, but because you were violating eBay policy. I think trying to save this account is a waste of time.
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    Its always sad to lose an account of that age, but hey, its the internet and we can always create another one. :)