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    Let's discuss a few questions I have about YouTube.

    - How long does it take you, until you see the effect of ratings you made on your video?

    I can see that my videos with a lot of ratings, earn long-term views and are often in 'related videos' on good positions. But this does take some time, until it shows up.

    - What effects more the position: Ratings or Faves ?

    - How much ratings can you do with 1 IP address, until you get banned?

    I do about 1.000 ratings a day with 100 Accounts, and accounts are still active.

    - On how much views a day for 1 video do you stay, so your doesn't get banned ?
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    i'd very keen to know the answer to these questions as well.
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    For the past 24 hrs or so I've tried doing what shankarax recommends as far as views go.
    I never reached 100k, but I got 56k and I'm in second position under my keywords.
    I also added around 50 favorites, 30 ratings and a few subscribers.

    I have an honor for favorites today and I only posted the video about 24 hrs ago. I always use proxies, and I always clear my cookies before I login to youtube from another account. I think it would be to easy for YT to pick up on if you don't use proxy.

    You can find shankarax thread and instructions here:


    All this works better if you frame your video on high PR sites. I've seen brand new videos go up on google in a couple days when I give about 5 backlinks along with all the favorites and ratings. After you hit google, you will notice other video sites are framing your video on their site, giving you more and more backlinks.
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