Effect of 7200rpm hard drives on Scrapebox etc.


Feb 7, 2011
Hey Folks,

I am going to buy a new laptop only for blackhat purposes and would like to know if it is essential to choose 7200rpm hard drives?
I mean does it worth to invest more for the performance? or it makes very little difference with 5400rpm?

Cause I heard that even if you have very good internet connection, the hard drive limits you..
What are your thoughts?
IMO, if you're going to invest in a machine purely for running blackhat software, get a PC. The don't think the RPM of a hard drive matters at all, a faster hard drive determines how fast it reads & writes data if I'm correct. Not a huge constraint when running blackhat software, just make sure you have 4gb+ ram and a good CPU.
Nope, i dont need VPS.
So it is better to invest in CPU and the rpm makes a little of difference, thanks guys.
I dont think harddrive RPM will make a big difference. You should better invest in RAM memory and CPU.
I dont think harddrive RPM will make a big difference. You should better invest in RAM memory and CPU.

This.........The single best thing you can spend money on is RAM......Get as much as you possible can, you can never have too much RAM, then your cpu and then hard drive speed, if you have enough ram then the hard drive speed really never becomes an issue.
Running Scrapebox takes up less CPU cycles than running Skype, and hard disk activity is negligible. RAM appears to be of greatest importance to avoid crashes when scraping. Scraping large lists can use up substantial chunks of RAM.
So what do you say about this one:

comparing to:

worth to buy Asus by investing more?
grab a CPU with a large cache, some high frequency memory with a lot of space, a mobo with the largest address bus you can find, and a SSD hard drive for super quick storage.

Admittedly, it's probably not worth it. But more memory, quicker data access and quicker crunching will speed anything up.

Server motherboards can hold 24gig of ram easily and usually upto 16 cores and still boot windows. You'll have no issues then!
The slowest thing in a computer today is the HDD. So yes, get a 7200rpm or an SSD if you can afford it. The faster the HDD the less sluggish will stuff start.

For online activities, BH or not, the limiting factor is the speed of the internet connection. And it will always be slower than the cheapest HDD. This is why people use VPS. They often have larger bandwidth than the usual home connection. Which means you can have more scraping done with a 1GHz, 1GB ram VPS than a 3GHz 24GB ram computer connecting from home.
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