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    Hey Guys,

    A few months back edx.org was shared here but back then it had only electronics courses from MIT but now edx.org is offering Free University Courses from Harvard and UC Berkley also in addition to already MIT, and the best part is now they're offering Computer Science Courses also. Most of the courses have just started and have only one lecture uploaded, so you can join now. It'll be specially helpful for those who want to learn programming.

    The CS Courses are:
    1. Artificial Intelligence by UC Berkley - Started on 24th Sept
    2. Software as a Service by UC Berkley - Started on 21st Sept
    3. Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard - Will start on 15th October
    4. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming by MIT - Started on 26th Sept

    I've already signup for the Artificial Intelligence Course and atm it has only one lecture and the quality is AWESOME!, the instructor is very passionate about AI and man his teaching rocks :)

    They'll be awarding course competition certificates too (if you submit their quizzes and problem sets in time), it'll be free of cost only for Fall 2012 and from 2013 they'll charge some fee for the certificates. Don't know if the certificates will be digital or delivered to your home.

    So guys go out there and enjoy the learning experience :)
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