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I checked @Edu-Money's affiliate network to confirm that the offers advertised in the sales graphic exist, and they do. The $35 signup bonus is also applied to the account.

Service Highlights
  • @Edu-Money was quick to fix a couple of issues I pointed out on the site.
  • There's a $35 signup bonus.
  • There's a $150 withdrawal limit on your first payment only. Every payment thereafter will not have a limit.
  • This network pays via WebMoney, PayPal, and Privat24 (in UAH)
  • The offers advertised in the sales graphic are on the website.
I am interested in such a service but something's fishy with your rates. For a college research paper which has 500 words (3 days TAT) you ask just 14$. I value my visitors and I don't want to recommend a low quality service. Can you give me send me over some samples of papers you completed already? Except the ones from your website.
I am interested in such a service but something's fishy with your rates. For a college research paper which has 500 words (3 days TAT) you ask just 14$. I value my visitors and I don't want to recommend a low quality service. Can you give me send me over some samples of papers you completed already? Except the ones from your website.

Hi! Sure, I can give you an additional sample, but I can give you only in PM. We take care of privacy and do not disclose any customer's information.
I'm interested in this. I've ghosted numerous academic papers, and I have a website. Registered last year, December. I can send you a link if you're interested. I use blogger for hosting
I'm interested in this. I've ghosted numerous academic papers, and I have a website. Registered last year, December. I can send you a link if you're interested. I use blogger for hosting
Great! Visit our page and sign up! Also add to my skype to ask any questions or to get more details and help!
Thank you!

Hello, dear webmasters. Once again, Edu-Money the most useful affiliate program in the educational niche is on-line, and today we will talk about the essay-niche in AdWords.

It's no longer secret that the majority of sites offering essays fail Google AdWords moderation regardless the geo location they are targeting. All attempts to launch an AC even with large bids lead to the hated red line: Disapproved: Enabling dishonest behavior. Nevertheless, a quick review of paid search results allowed us to detect a huge quantity of advertisement related to the educational field.

Among them, the vast majority tends to use cloaking, but these ads don’t last long. They get banned along with the accounts and payment details of their owners. But, at the same time, there are real websites, which are called white-hat SEO websites in the Google Adwords placements. Their ads exist for quite a long time. Let’s review how to pass the moderation without involving cloaking.

First of all, let's look at why standard essay-sites don’t pass the moderation.
If you analyze the search results, it is easy to determine that such sites have several similarities and one of them, the most significant and noticeable, is the price calculator, which is crucial to your conversion rate.


In this calculator, as well as throughout the site, they distribute CTA (call-to-action) buttons leading to the order page of the written assignment. All these ‘Buy paper’, ‘Order now’ and their varieties fall under the policy of Google and don’t undergo the moderation. Such CTA’s plus the content with words ‘Buy essay’, ‘Writing service’ and so on form the main bulk of active elements of the site and without them you can’t count on high conversion flow. Don’t forget that even attracting traffic costs a lot of money and spending it on a non-convertible landing doesn’t make sense.

Let’s move on towards clearing your essay-sites in eyes of Google.
Before going ahead, don’t forget to hide your data, so that Google won’t ban all your sites at once.

Editing – is an action aimed to adjust the already written assignment. This also includes proofreading – the read-through with further editing of the completed essay. Many students-geeks earn their money this way, without violating the rules and moral standards of universities (it is no longer a secret that students in America and Europe turn on their ‘crafty’ palls to teachers and this is not condemned by anyone).

Editing and proofreading are white-label niche markets in essay industry. But even these aren’t always successful during Google’s moderation. Googlebot can’t see this thin line between editing and writing from scratch.

The next relatively white-labeled niche market is tutoring. Unlike the previous type, this is a professional activity of young or, on the contrary, elderly teachers, bringing quite legal income, which requires taxation. The advantage of this direction - with a clearly set message regarding tutoring services, is that the site successfully falls into paid search results and stays forever.

However, the disadvantage is considerable. The target audience in the essay niche are students ordering ready-made assignments, and tutoring is far not what they need. A large segment of the TA are decent but hard-working students who don’t have the time to write essays, since tuition, for example, in the US, is extremely expensive. Such students don’t need tutors, and landing your site, they leave, having wasted your money.

After several years of work in the educational segment and countless attempts, the trend to pass AdWords moderation in off-season was found.
For those who have only joined, the essay niche has seasonality. The majority of students don’t order essays in January and in summer due to holidays. But we can tell you how to earn in low-season;)

Informational keys
Keywords that don’t contain a call to purchase and order an essay, such as ‘help’, ‘how to’, ‘guide’, ‘writing’ (not ‘writings’) are semantically suitable for AdWords rules. Do blogs with life-hacks, review sites and other related sites without calculators.

However, informational search queries don’t attract traffic with a commercial intention. Converting such visitors is problematic – you can’t do much without rolling out all these whistles and bells.
Don’t forget that for this sort of visitors you pay to Brin and Page, so save up some budget.

Brand name
By creating the review sites, you can accumulate targered clicks by specific brand names of offers from your affiliate networks and competitiors.
This is another link in the chain of monetization, but conversely, you use someone else's work, and thanks to some manipulation, you can redirect the student to the offer of your affiliate.
We will tell more about this way of earning in education niche later, so stay tuned.

The proverb about the fear having a hundred eyes keeps popping up. It is not easy to earn in an essay-niche on contextual advertising without cloaking, but it is quite feasible.

You can monetize directly the advertised landing, maintaining a balance between the converting CTA and AdWords rules. You can accumulate targeted traffic on a completely white-labeled and harmless website and seamlessly redirect it to the sticky fingers of the offeror. A useful hint as a bonus: at the stage of collecting the semantic core, check each keyword on the target IP - if there is no advertising at all (for example ‘buy essay’ or ‘custom writing service’) - do not choose those, AdWords won’t let you pass even if you are going to do tutoring.

Read our articles and guidelines, keep looking for new loopholes, analyze your competitors’ strategies and monetize your work with Edu-Money affiliate network, we will help and advice. Wish you all more traffic!
Amazing explanation, Can you please tell me what sort of monetization we can do in off season? Im interested.
Amazing explanation, Can you please tell me what sort of monetization we can do in off season? Im interested.
if you don't mind - i will send you the guide of off-season monetization in PM, wish all costs and description.
Hello, dear webmasters. Once again, Edu-Money the most useful affiliate program in the educational niche is on-line. We would like to present you a new and useful article about our niche business. Here you will find out how to overcome your competition using surgical strikes at specific directions of your niche, properly analyzing your opponents, write high-quality content and lead your website to the top of search results.

This is a light but informative guide, designed mainly for webmasters, who prefer quality traffic. Actually, first of all, let’s start from properly choosing a micro niche.

Definitely, we have to start from the general niche, where you will later look for your own, specific niche. Gambling, dating, adult, pharm, our beloved essay and other popular niches involve a large market and high competition. Less popular niches are bursting with their diversity, light competition and possibilities. However, the demand is not really high. Here you go a few examples of extravagant niches which we have encountered: the market of in vitro insemination, oils and extracts of medical marihuana, and also drug rehab. But let’s not go far away from our essay niche. In fact, there are many different micro niches, and in case you direct all your efforts targeting one of them – you can fly high. Use Google Trends to find out about the relevance. And it won’t hurt to remind that we have already discussed the case of micro niches dedicated to written assignments in mid-season.

The Niche’s Analyze
Profitability is determined by the volume of demand of the main ‘mother niche’. Don’t forget about the seasonality and decrease of target audience as well. For example, let’s think about writing assignments for Chinese-speaking students in English-teaching universities. The Chinese don’t really like switching to other languages, despite studying in England or USA. They are very happy to encounter a china-friendly website, able to solve their problem. To monetize successfully the traffic in any micro niche you have to understand the needs of your clients. That’s why it’s so difficult selling goods or services which are unfamiliar to the webmaster. It’s really difficult to do without English since we are talking about foreign traffic.


Deciding on the strategy of link building, analyzing the content and selecting the right keywords require basic English knowledge. There is no translating software to make your content successful.

So, we have chosen the niche. Now it’s time to analyze the competitors, keywords and main sources of traffic.
Let’s take the first website from the search results and analyze it using the popular SEO toolkits. Firstly, we analyze the keywords. Here you can find the keywords used for the website’s ranking.

It’s important to remember that in some niches you have to separate commercial (buy an essay) and informative keywords (how to write an essay). The more commercial keywords you use – the more clicks you’ll get and the higher the conversion rate will be. Informative keywords aren’t converting well, since people mainly look for instructions, examples and advices on writing assignments.
Next, we analyze our competitors using different keywords: high-, medium- and low-frequency ones. We look at our organic top and load the domains.

Next stage – here we have to check the sources of traffic. It’s needed to understand the main source of clicks in a specific micro niche. Quite often it’s organic, search engine traffic, but sometimes it might be based on referrals and social media.

Don’t forget to double check the dynamics of your competitors in different time-frames. The growth and its’ reasons, as well as the change of percentage ratio of traffic sources. Pay attention to those competitors who demonstrated high growth in recent times, and, take a note of their case.
We can determine both the volume of niche, and the cost per click thanks to analyzing in this way.
Simultaneously with the micro niche analyze don’t forget to create a list of keywords for your own White-Lable.

After shaping your semantic core, check out the duplicates, highlight the most selling keywords and make a list of stop-words. In the next articles we will discuss the access of advertisement into our ‘prohibited niche’, describing in more details the methods of manual selection of keywords.
While choosing a domain for your website we recommend you to wait here for the article related to a detailed guideline for buying drop domains.

In our case the Chinese and English localization of landing is the fundamental point. Chinese students are very sensitive when it comes to their mother tongue. That’s why a china-friendly website adds trust to the clients, which then leads to growth in conversion rates. Don’t forget about order forms designed as ‘calculators’, where they can immediately see any changes in price, depending on the type of paper, deadline and extra features. It is common to have special offers for new customers. It can be a discount for the first order or free pages within their paper. Don’t be shy to show samples of works or goods. While placing an order, it is always important for your client to know the future look of the paper. You can order this kind of samples from an affiliate manager of a partner network within a specific niche. You can ask for a predefined template from a partner network not to waste too much time on designing the website. We, for example, share a template with installation guidelines. These templates are periodically getting adjusted to increase the uniqueness of the website and achieve higher optimization within search results. In case these templates don’t suit your needs, there is always a workaround. You can buy a proper one on various platforms (in this case the partner network will share with you the order forms and other pages, which are linked to your website for placing orders and working with clients.)


Writing a quality content is still an important way of promoting any website. I’m sure there is no need in convincing you how decisive is the quality, uniqueness and content coherence. You can write it on your own or outsource to freelancers. Various sources for research and gaining the necessary knowledge will come handy in case you prefer to write your content on your own. You will find most of them as opensource.

There are countless freelance stocks where you can order your content. Not only order it written in a proper language, but also have your content translated. I advise you aren’t greedy when choosing a good content writer or translator. It won’t hurt either sending your text to a proofreader for an extra check, and also check it using the abovementioned tools on your own.

Don’t forget about the SEO plugins while popularizing your website on various CMS platforms. They can increase the readability of your text, optimize a specific page for a predefined query, create redirect, change indexation and many more.

Link Building Methods
So, your website has been published (check this out in Google Search Console). Now what you need to do is raising it among the search results for successful monetization. Today we will briefly describe link building (we can write a whole book about its’ methods, used by our experts for various projects).

Link building is a process of growing the link mass of your website with the purpose of promoting it among other search results. For this kind of promotion, you need external links placed on various trusted sources. For example: subject related blogs and websites, catalogues, forums and social media. This way of placing links can be either paid, or free. Let’s go through the main means of link building:

  • Submit – placing information and links to your website on platforms where everyone can share information. These include social media, posts in publicly accessible blogs and placing links in PDF file announcements.
  • Outreach – guest-posts on thematic and relevant websites, with the permission of the resource’s owner. Mainly outreach exists as a paid mean of promotion. However, you can always write a quality content which can be useful for the owner of the resource as well, or swap guest-posts. While analyzing the micro niche you will definitely encounter platforms for sharing your posts, reviews and earn ratings.
  • Crowd marketing – is the activity of people on forums, in comments to posts in relevant niche and discussions. The most brutal example of it is when completely irrelevant to each other people start a dispute on a forum related to subjects close to your micro niche. Accidentally, one of them will place a link to your product in the discussion. This is a way of overcoming moderation and direct advertising restrictions on forums and similar platforms. You can work on crowd marketing using your own sources. However, there are more than enough candidates on freelance platforms offering this service.
We have introduced you the main methods of link building. There are many more, but this is something we could discuss in a separate article. In any case, it’s not a hard, but quite painstaking and time-consuming work. On the other hand, as the famous proverb says: ‘No sweet without sweat’. And as a result, after thorough installations your traffic will start converting into money.
Your success closely depends on the choice of the specific micro niche, positioning of your services on the website, and careful analyze of your competitors’ link building strategies.

The Aftertaste

During my work experience I often met webmasters, who never took up the White-Lable business for it being too difficult to attract traffic. This is how I became encouraged to write this guideline, which aims to open the eyes on simplicity of analyzing a micro niche and raising a good and optimized website. This very simple point will take you one step ahead of your competitors.

Register in our affiliate network and earn without any effort if you liked the article and are ready to use the gained knowledge to monetize your traffic. Wish you all more traffic!
This is just I'm looking for as I set up my website. Follwing thread. Will check out service.
Hello dear webmasters and guests of Edu-Money blog.
On the line, Pavlo, the affiliate manager of the most useful affiliate network in the educational niche for the Edu-Money. Today we will discuss what is a review site, a review landing page, why do you need it and how to monetize it.

Disclaimer. As you have already noticed, in each article I use an example of educational niche, describing specific fine points so that you can repeat the success with us.

There are two ways of monetizing educational traffic using such a review site: a) raising a small site from scratch; b) creating a page with reviews on an existing personal blog.
If you already have a personal blog - you can easily create a new page, and in case you decide to start from scratch - I advise you go through our previous article, it will come handy.

Anyway, whether on the website, or on a page with reviews, you are placing similar product. In our case these are services for writing assignments for students.

Home Page Structure
We begin with the foreword - describing whose site it is, who are your clients and what information it provides. If you have a blog - describe why it became useful to compile such a collection and how it comes handy. If you feel like the level of English is not enough for you to compose an original, quality text without spelling errors, don’t hesitate to spend an extra 20-30 dollars for getting a support from a content writer. You can easily find content writers on various freelance platforms.

This article is not about the basics of SEO optimization, we will not remind you the importance of having meta tags, H1 and alt-tags in pictures. Our main goal is to showcase the benefit of this kind of projects and a relative ease of raising them high.

Listing the services is the next step and the most important one. It includes:
1) Service logo
2) Service name
3) Brief description of the service
4) Availability of features that are valued on the market
5) Availability of exclusive features
6) Rating
7) Link to a detailed review
8) Link to the service


It should be pointed out that this list is non-exhaustive and there can be either more or less points. POINTS 2, 3 and 8 are mandatory. The link to the service should contain the unique webmaster’s key, otherwise the affiliate network will not determine whether the customer belongs to you or not.

What else may come handy? Some afterword. Don’t be lazy and describe some useful life hacks, use links to informative resources or start a discussion. All this is done primarily for Google and for the visitors themselves. A well worked out website attracts more visitors and grows your trust rate. Once again, don’t save money on writers.

What else can you add to the page?

• collecting leads - invite visitors to subscribe to your e-mail list in exchange for a discount for any written assignment. Don’t underestimate the power of e-mail marketing. A simple but informative newsletter increases your conversion rate by 1.3 - 1.7 times. Read more about how to get the most out of the leads in our previous article.
• social network icons - again it's very much loved by Google's bots and allows more people to find out about your website.

Our goal is to attract as much traffic as possible to our review website or page. It’s the right time to mention the tricks of promoting specifically a review site. Since we simultaneously post different offers, we compile different brand and commercial requests within a page. Each website reviewed on your platform is a magnet for ready-to-buy motivated traffic. After all, if a user searches in Google for a brand-name of a specific writing service, he or she has serious intentions!

In this case, collecting and analyzing of semantics has very little difference with classical compilation of keywords with a conversion potential. However, your primary source of information has more difference here. We advise you don’t start searching your semantics using SEO-tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush or the good old Adwords Keyword Planner. First, do your research and make a list of top services that you would like to mention on your website. Next, collect semantics for each of them separately.

Search Volume for branded keywords of some websites varies. Top brands in the niche have up to 40,000 monthly searches using their brand name, whilst smaller brands collect up to 1,000 in traffic.

Now it's time to write a detailed review for each offer. Keep in mind that it must be unique, competent and search engine optimized. Use the keyword queries collected for each offer, but do not over spam it! The amount of links should be moderate as well. Share the collected keywords and their required density with your content writer in case you decided to outsource the writing part. Remember, the text should be coherent and relevant. After all it’s not only Google bots, but live visitors are accessing it. For promoting a website or page itself, use commercial keywords associated with ‘review’. Example - essay writing service + ‘brand’.


So, offers are defined, text is written! Now the most important – monetizing. How to convert traffic on specific websites? There is a whole action list to do that, leading the visitor to the true path (strikethrough) to the website.
  1. Place the defined offers on first lines within your TOP. It’s the most obvious way, the user will always want to choose the first position, even if its’ rating is lower than the second one’s.
  2. Lower the other offers’ rating. People pay a lot of attention to others’ experience and grades. Believe me, a 4,7 grade is so far from a 5,0.
  3. Use banners on all pages. Sneak in an attractive advertisement with a great deal into a competitor’s offer.
  4. Ask for discounts from the PN. Create a section called Discounts on your website and advertise discounts for various websites. Your users will love that.
  5. The well-known e-mail grabber. Let it poach users to your page, besides its’ primary function. Don’t be afraid to rush pop-ups and side-bars.
Remember, that unlike direct offers, reviews are overcoming Google’s moderation easily, and given the PPC experience, your income from monetization will increase in several times.


Keep in mind as well, that you shape your own income within brands which you review on your website. When you start having your first traffic, share it among all offers and observe which one converts your traffic more. Don’t focus on Conversion Rate categories, focus on final income. After all, websites with a low total cost can convert better, but bring less money into your pocket. You can start redirecting visitors from all around the website to your 2-3 top platforms, once you define them based on experience.

A review website is an excellent way of attracting the most diverse traffic, using well worked out brand keywords. Besides that, a review site is easy to promote within Google, thanks to the painstaking and targeted work of SEO teams of brands, mentioned in your reviews.
Share you ‘experience’ in using different services with your website’s visitors and recommend them the ‘necessary’ ones. The ones which are going to earn you a part of their order.

Adopt this practice, register with Edu-Money affiliate network, ask for keywords and banners and earn together with us! Wish you all more traffic, even if originally it wasn’t meant for you!
Greetings to all the ones skillful in web traffic monetization! Edu-Money, the most useful affiliate network within educational niche is on-line. Today we will discuss newsletters and e-mail marketing in general.

Every day we receive hundreds of e-mails. These are business letters, newsletters, advertisement and spam. E-mail marketing is a popular channel for attracting customers, suitable for any niche. A quality e-mail campaign is capable of bringing new customers, encouraging old customers to buy your product or service again, and also to finalize the conversion of a doubting lead.


Stage 1 - Getting Ready
Let's see a classic algorithm of an effective e-mail campaign. We start with setting goals – it either aims to increase the total sales, or to sell a particular item. For convenience and clarity, let's take an example - our beloved essay niche. Our sales websites have several such integrated campaigns to attract and retain customers. Don’t neglect e-mail campaigns if you want an improved conversion of traffic through your site. Read below how to boost your website to earn money in the educational niche together with Edu-Money.

After determining the goals, you need to create baseline of your leads. There are plenty of ways to do that: a simple form on the website, pop-ups, automatic subscription to the newsletter, forms in chats and social networks, etc. Keep in mind that mainly people don’t give away their email just like this, so don’t be greedy and offer discounts, bonuses or useful materials (advertising, content, news) in return. For example, our webmaster can receive discount coupons for the first orders and exchange those for a newsletter subscription. It's silly to neglect the postal address left when ordering goods or services.

Cases of webmasters from social media (Facebook and Twitter) prove that people are eager to leave their details to participate in contests and draws.



Next, we determine the appropriate service for e-mail marketing. It should include both automatic and custom campaigns, in-depth analytics, API, e-mail constructor (for those who isn’t very skilled in layout) and various integration.

Don’t be lazy to go through the entire database, after uploading the whole e-mail list. If possible, complete the information about your lead: name, sex, age and place of residence. Personalized letter is more pleasant for the recipient. Based on our example - the place of study and the course of the student are especially important. Correct analysis and segmentation of the database significantly increases the conversion. Separating the American and Australian students, you’ll get the opportunity to send targeted letters, since the school year and the types of assignments in the universities of America and Australia are very different.

Next, determine the distribution strategy. Which letters are sent at the first registration, which are sent immediately after an action, and which in time, which strategy and which service is sent to a specific list. Do not try to give up on those who are already converted - their interest in continuous purchases should be encouraged by bonuses and sales.

Step 2 - Form the campaign
We clarified the strategy; the target audience is selected, and we are approaching the most interesting part. What does the recipient see at a first glance? That's right, the subject of the letter. It is obvious that a long, incomprehensible and non-catching topic won’t prompt to open the e-mail. Depending on the purpose and content of the letter, the topic should be a trigger for opening. The Riddle – ‘How to get prepared for the final exams.’ The Story – ‘John prepared for the final exams’, the Proposal - ‘We will prepare you for the final exams without getting distracted from your job’, etc.

Next is the design of the e-mail. If the topic hooked and the recipient opened the letter, we move on to a more difficult task - to provoke the interest of a potential buyer and to urge him or her to proceed to the website. In my newsletters for webmasters, I use the concept of the ‘Inverted Pyramid’. Placing a catchy title as a short thesis in the beginning, which in a couple of words will clarify the purpose of the promotion, offer and news.

The next step is content: a more detailed description of the promotion, news or conditions of the contest/offer. Unlike the first stage of the ‘pyramid’, the second must contain pictures. Most people are visuals, and no one likes boring texts.

And, finally, the top of the pyramid is a call to action. Most of the times it’s a button leading you to the website to buy a product or finish reading the news. This button should be the final point of a logical chain of your e-mail. ‘Lots of work, while exams are around the corner? We will take over your essay related hustles’ This hooks, following the hook you describe the assignments that are popular before the finals (exams) with a brief description, deadlines and prices. At the end, a button with call to action ‘save time’ which transfers the tortured student to a website with solutions to all the problems.

It’s not recommended to include all the details in the e-mail. Much better to place the main ideas, while the details have to be available on the website. Your logo and brand name at the header of the template, while contacts and other ways of reaching out at the footer.

Step 3 - Analyzing
The e-mails are sent, the automatic e-mailing is set up (after all, you did it, didn’t you?). Now we are moving forward to analytics and the subsequent changes (don’t even hope that it will be alright from the first attempt). Here are the important metrics that you need to rely on:
  • Open Rate – the opened e-mails ratio. The main factors affecting this indicator are correct targeting and appealing subject line. Try A/B tests, choose the right time for distribution (some studies have shown that e-mails are opened more on Wednesday or Thursday evenings), polish your topics;
  • Click Through Rate - an indicator of targeted actions on the page. CTR shows how many people who opened your e-mail went through the whole ‘pyramid’ and were triggered by the action – ‘buy an essay. We improve CTR by quality content, nice and proper pictures, a clearer call to action.
  • Bounce Rate - the number of e-mails ended up in spam, undelivered e-mails and unsubscribed recipients. Not a pleasure, but you can’t avoid it. We fix it by doublechecking the database, confirming the recipient’s e-mail address in the mailing service and increasing the quality of targeting.
  • Conversion Rate. The ratio of recipients who made a purchase after being redirected from the e-mail. The only thing you can do about it within the e-mail is to add only quality pictures and have up to date offers.


Make a habit of keeping track of the dynamics of your e-mail campaigns, check out who opens the letters, who clicks and who buys.
Separate the active and passive recipients. And keep on testing – the sky is the only limit.

Shorten the path
Finally, I will share with you a few options to ‘actively’ collect your database (e-mail scrapping, e-mail parsing). There is a manual and an automatic parsing.

Automatic database parsing means that the software searches, allocates and saves e-mails from websites and letters. In a private message I can suggest specific programs.

Manual collection is cheaper (free) but it’s more time-consuming. There are a lot of options, but I'll explain you the simplest one, which doesn’t require special knowledge. There is no need for any software, just any free extension in Chrome that parses all the emails on the page. The way they work doesn’t differ from one another. After installation, open Facebook and type in the search bar ‘your email comment + x’, where ‘x’ is the keyword in your niche. I had ‘your email comment + essay’. Next, we filter by date, region, university and select public posts. Out of the filtered results we look for posts with a lot of comments and we open them all in full. Enter your extension and copy all the e-mail addresses found in a suitable format. Vary filters, keywords and build your database. Cheap and cheerful.

Last thing
E-mail marketing is one of the pillars of modern digital marketing and a continuous tool for lead generation / chase / conversion / retention - in a nutshell, everything you need to complete to achieve successful commercial results. While most companies and webmasters treat e-mail marketing as an advanced technique which isn’t required at the first stages, be a step ahead - implement these methods as soon as you launch your project.

Determine the right service for you, gather an extensive database of leads, carefully analyze and separate them into different categories. Create a catchy and informative e-mail, test various options and increase the conversion of your websites. And if your websites collect students you can earn on it with Edu-Money.
Hello, dear friends! In the newsroom – Edu-Money, the most useful affiliate network within essay niche. Today we will talk about such a burning question as privacy and anonymousness on the net. This subject will be particularly useful for webmasters who use PBN, or AdWords cloaking specialists.


Both types of traffic boosting are extremely popular in our beloved essay niche (along with the same doorsways), therefore the article is interesting for both beginners and experienced traffic game changers.

Footprint is a complete digital fingerprint of a device, which includes the information about your operating system, settings, active browsers, installed plugins, etc. Such an imprint is presented in the form of a unique code or picture.
What is the difference between cookies? To begin with, cookies are relevant within the same domain, while the fingerprint allows you to track the sources of conversion to the target website and the referral path from this site. Cookies, including the eternal ones, can be cleaned or blocked, which by the way isn’t a complicated thing. Whereas fingerprints can be only substituted.

Fingerprints that we deserved.
The most common, browser-based:
• Current IP
• Browser headers (User Agent, HTTP, ACCEPT, Do Not Track);
• Display Settings;
• JavaScript;
• Information about cookies and super cookies enabled or disabled in the browser;
• Installed browser plug-ins, their versions and updates.

Don’t hope that private mode or changing the browser can keep privacy on the net. Private mode does not block the collection of information about the computer and the operating system, and modern trackers allow to trace information from different browsers on one hardware and easily identify the end user. This technology is called Cross-Browser Fingerprinting and it allows you to track:
• Operating system;
• Number of cores in the processor;
• List of fonts and installed languages;
• Analyze the responses to browser-based operations that involve the operating system and hardware components of the computer (line rendering, volumetric figures, pictures, creation of shadows, etc.). Such data doesn’t depend on a browser.

Now we will discuss how to prevent this.

VPN and proxy server
This one is short.
VPN is the simplest method for overcoming regional prohibitions. It changes your IP to an available one within the service. It doesn’t protect against lots of trackers and doesn’t affect the already collected cookies.
Proxy is a free strip that does not encrypt your traffic.

Don’t be stingy on buying a good multi-channel VPN and turn it on even when switching to a dedicated server which we’re about to discuss below.

The most reliable is Firefox. We install plugins on it, which substitute the browser identification and block various trackers and beacons. There are paid and free ones, simple and with more advanced settings, for experienced users.

There are also platforms created to replace different browser footprints. The software is designed to work with a large number of browser profiles. Each profile is in its’ ‘container’ and there is no way that the history, cookies and fingerprints will move from one browser to another.

There are specially assembled browsers for anonymous web surfing as well.
If you are interested in such plug-ins, platforms or browsers, please PM me or contact within the affiliate network and I will advise convenient tools to use.

Making your digital footprint less unique can be done with Manual changes.
1. Change the time zone of the device;
2. Install another language for the operating system of the device;
3. Install a different browsing language;
4. Change the screen resolution of the device;
5. Change the dimensions of the web page;
6. Installing or removing browser plugins;
7. Disabling Flash, Javascript and WebGL.

These are drastic steps, but they are extremely inconvenient for surfing.

Dedicated Servers
The use of dedicated servers is still considered to be the one of the most effective ways to keep your anonymousness. It is a separate physical machine which makes data transfer to your main and work stations impossible.

• Configure the HTTP / SOCKS proxy or SSH / VPN connection at your choice;
• Controlling the history of requests;
• It saves from attacks via Flash, Java, JavaScript, if you use a remote browser;

• Relatively high cost;
• Requires technical knowledge to properly configure.

The main reason of popularity and effectiveness of this method is that such a virtual machine is completely new and clean for the internet, works full time and doesn’t transmit any information about the end user and the machine properties (it’s said Facebook tracks even the MAC address)

Some more useful tips:
We block ourselves from Google Analytics tracking -
Many people use the popular CloudFlare service to cover up the tracks of their PBN. However, you can’t consider this service as a cure-all.

This blog describes very well CloudFlare footprints are and how to heal them.

After all the manipulations, you need to check all the actual footprints that your browser sends out. These websites have all the relevant information up to date.
Check each profile

Modern internet collects a huge database of information about each of its’ users. Mainly this is done by various websites for analytics, which doesn’t hurt. Some collect social information for the organization and the state, which is fine as well, unless you are involved in a severe crime, of course. Simple arbitrators who work for a living in the net, need to pass various moderations - Google, Facebook, etc. The internet society actively creates and promotes a variety of online privacy tools that, on the one hand, protect against scams and, on the other hand, help advertisers overcoming the rules.

Even if you work in white niches and don’t plan to violate any rules – it’s still wise to use the described tools and their analogues for comfortable and secure work on the net. VPN allows you to save on services that depending on different geo-locations offer different prices for their products; multi-profile platforms allow you to organize and effectively manage a large number of accounts at the same time; dedicated servers enable you to safely test different bundles and adapt the product for different technical requirements.

Those who are skilled in cloaking or are boosting their nets, and now, after reading the article, strengthened their attitude towards security - we invite to our Edu-Money affiliate network specialized in educational niche, where you can profitably monetize your efforts on foreign students.
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